Well Hello,

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Got back about an hour ago and just had a wee peek to see what's been going on, lots and lots I see.

Well done to the SD Site for the March and Shoot. I was well chuffed when I heard how much got raised.

Kenya was ok........Changed alot (The Training) since I was last there 4 years ago, got harder, but that covers todays current requirments.

Hope to catch over the next week or so.......

Cheers Everyone.



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You're back! You've missed a few squabbles and the BBC ####ing eveyone off, but that's about all.

Have you a nice tan?



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Good to read your words again Stu.
Not sure I've forgiven you for the March and Shoot yet. Ankles still not recovered 100% :evil: . When is the next one? ;)
Look forward to catching up.


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Cheers for the welcome Everyone, glad you enjoyed the March and Shoot, I must admit that hill from the 6 to 7 mile mark is a bit steep......

I have seen some of the pics and it looked a good day out.


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Welcome back mate, give me a call at work next week for a catch up. I hope you kept away from The Sportsman Hotel and the well renowned Kenyan nightclub ‘‘BUCKANEERS’’ of Nanuki ;)


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Hello TJ glad your back OK, I take it you are now fully fit complete with tan :D



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welcome back stu,good to hear from you again mate.if your back in scotland i hear the weathers a bit rough today not like kenya,i have 2 mates up there on the geese/deer.


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Welcome back ,Tanned and sore now doubt.
M/s GREAT SUCSESS , just rest awhile ! ENJOY CATCHING UP .


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nice to see you ,to see you!!!!! Welcome home mate Your :Bronzy tan :must draw a few looks .
You certainly have some catchup to achieve :p
Bet you can't wait to get out.
Regards Trapper


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well hello

TJ its a good job some of us know you and what a fine specimen you are of the northern race . But you would not walk into a pub in GLASGOW and say WELL HELLO its a bit limp wristed and you may not last long on your feet unless its one of those bars . Any way good to have you back on sight hope you are well and you missed the big event (not your fault ) but it was brilliant and you can be congratulated for your part in it even in your absence you were being mentioned by quite a few . Once again great to have you back looking forward to your knowledgeable post in the near future ATB MUDDY

The Mole

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Nice to know you're back in one piece TJ. Did you get to see much of the wildlife out there - or maybe fire a shot or two?


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The Mole said:
Did you get to see much of the wildlife out there - or maybe fire a shot or two?

Not likely, Archers Post has had no rain since March and was like a dust bowl (and some). Unfortunatley when the Engineers built the "Showers" they had to get closed as every animal in 100km moved in to get some of the water........

Nanyuki.....Well it rains there nearley every day, Mount Kenya which looks over the town sucks up all the moisture from all around then drops it about 2pm daily.

Glad to be back, start concentrating on the important things in life like Deer Stalking!!!!

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