Well i`m blowed!!

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I`ve had this permission for three years and all i`ve ever seen and all i`ve ever been told is that there`s only Roe deer here.
Well, this afternoon i met my superviser and i bagged this Muntie, my first ever. She was browsing under a apple tree near to the entrance to the woods in a quiet corner on a hill.
It`s a surreal but great feeling to bag your first of a species.

Monkey Spanker

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Nice one Basil!!
Where abouts are you? They seem to be spreading all over the place. I believe the estimated population increase is about 8% per year. I reckon that is an underestimate. Population density in a particular area maybe but what about the spread? Munty doe pregnant within first year and every 7months for life which has been recorded up to 16 years! You do the maths on that and see what it comes to.


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Basil well done that man.
Where theres one there are others , But cheat a little and deny he /she was there !!! :lol: just chuffed for you.Otherwise you will have everyman and his dog there. :)


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Well Charadam if your figures are right !Thats one happy Buck left on the ground!
I looked up Kinell he is a yank poet !!from New Yoik, his brother F.kinell, was also impressed with Basil's luck .
May it continue.
Trapper :lol:

paul k

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I've just been looking at the latest deer distribution maps and muntjac are really pushing out. It would seem that reds are popping up in quite a few new places as well.
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