went for a mooch

decided to go up to our ground in Perthshire a couple of evenings ago, started badly with being stuck in a traffic jam on the bridge for an hour but eventruly got there.
had a stalk around seen a lot of does and the odd buck, but seen this beast at 10pm and looked a good candidate to take out as he was with a couple of does.
stalked down across some small carrots and he was laying down on the edge of a game crop got to about 220 and he stood up and looked to be heading in to some tall canary grass. gave him a squeak and he turned nicely to present a shoot.
sent the bullet on its way and down he went. roe buck july...jpg roe buck july.jpg


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Good stuff it was a lastmin thing as my chooks arrived today. Will go back in a couple of weeks in the rut to see if some proper beast are about!