West Cumbria Deer Best Practice Event

elmer fud

New Member
Travelling from Scotland to attend. I have attended the DI's training/ info days in the past, they are always well run, fun and very informative. It's not just about the contents of the course, it's the people you meet and the conversations had during the day. There is so much more to be gained from the experience and the collective, informed knowledge, that most any relevent question can be answered either on the day or later by media etc. or just the odd phone call.
The Deer Initiative have worked so hard for all of us recreational stalkers, don't let's have the day go by with spaces available.
This may be one of the last opertunaties to take advantage of their effort to inform, advance and improve our knowledge of deer and their habitat.
£10.00 is all they ask.
Tea and coffee will take most of that.
Book now and have a great day in the woods with like minded people. Enjoy the banter and learn something in bargain.