West of Ireland

Hi Dryan,
From Sligo myself but living in Leitrim these days. Do a bit of rabbitting and plinking with my .22. Waiting on my 1st Deer Licence atm!! :)

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From the Cavan Leitrim border originally but living in London this last 10+ years do most of my shooting in Fermanagh and moving home hopefully for good in the next 6months or so


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Hello all,

Cliffony is a nice spot.

Kinda moving back for me too, spent most of my summer holidays here fishing , then met a woman a couple of years ago- no brainer really. Got my guns over from the UK and have sorted my deer license out. Have a wee bit of land with fallow on it but the landowner only wants obviously sick animals killed- not going to get much stalking done on it! Will be on the lookout for more land over next few weeks, fallow seem to be very localised and the reds even more so.

If there's anyone fairly local who wants to get out foxing this week let me know.


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Ok I'm confused this is not an introduction, but appears to be some sort of reply to another post started by whalberg86, if you wante to reply to a post do so o the original thread, do not start another.

Don't know what happened there either Jayb. Just replied to Dryans thread with tapatalk as usual!

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