Westie for tracking deer


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I have 2 west highland terriers and the oldest (2 1/2 years) always has his nose to the ground, question is can westies be trained to track deer and would it be practical ??? And whats the best way to test him ie lay some trail and see if he follows it

Cheers for any advice / comments


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Wait for the experts but I have a friend that used one. Retired now as its deaf and blind. Borders have been used for years and I have one semi trained to track. Not a chance he will follow on foot of the lead but does behave very well on it. I can leave him with my roe sack on a final stalk in and he just sits and waits for me. Can't see why a Westie should be any different.

norma 308

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originally from Scotland and used for usual terrier type jobs obviously watered down now but if you have one with a good nose and prey drive why not gives a dog a purpose !


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I had a westie. Like most terriers they suffer from wee-dog-syndrome.
Very loyal and a great wee dog.
Short tempered, unbiddable, took on dogs it really shouldn't have and generally did whatever the hell it liked.
Cant imagine mine as a tracking dog!
And ive heard all the comments about dogs being like their owners


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Any dog can be trained to track. Drag a hoof for about 50 mtrs and drop a little blood and see how the dog do's.


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the only pre-requisite to track is a nose.
if it has a nose and can smell then it can track, the rest is instinct and training.

I have a deer cocker, its also a rabbit cocker, pheasant cocker, sadly its a crow cocker as well when it is not a tennis ball cocker....


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Knew a Westie cross Lab that was used for tracking deer. Was fairly succesful. Any dog can be trained to track deer, give it a go


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Looks like I will bee keeping some blood and the hoofs from next stalk and give him a try
nothing ventured nothing gained

Heym SR20

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Cant speak for Westies, but I grew up with Norfolk and Cairn Terriers - great dogs for rooting out things. Indeed a few weeks ago when down at my folks shot a big rat on the bird table with the air rifle. It took off like a roe buck leaving a good blood trail. Norfolk terrier was straight onto it and pulled the rat out of thick flower bed 20 yards away. Only trouble with terriers is that they have a mind of their own and don't obey calls etc. Its probably a case of a good lead to keep them in the same county as you.