what a day.

Well not exactly stalking but related, went out on the boat this morning looking for bass or black bream. launched @ about 8 am.went east for about 5mile searching all reefs and sand banks no joy.
went west for 10 miles dog fish wrasse smooth hounds no bream. Anchor down with another boat something wrong with radio receiving but not transmitting have to send for repair.£££:( OK time to go back in start engine pull up anchor. Anchor will not come up stuck fast 20mins later bath of sweat back and arms knackered cut rope lost all anchor rope chain.£££ oh the joys of boating:oops:
Ah well back home. open door wife says something came for you today. Yes level 2 cert through the door. There is a god. worth the long wait.:lol: Another short tale looking after my grandson who spends far to much time playing something called black ops 2 .had to go up the gun shop to get a few things.
We enter the shop and he see,s a young puppy which he starts to chase great fun for a 4 year old.
I spot a stalking mate so keeping one eye on grandson have a quick chat about upcoming stalking trip.puppy has had enough and goes behind the counter. grandson stop,s and look,s at all the guns in racks along walls turns to young man and says have you got any R P G s mister. Young man is speechless so i think this good time to exit the shop.