What a merry christmas


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Well this morning unexpected I was told I was being made redundant with immediate affect, so I'm thinking of re qualifying and getting my papers for keeping. Any one ever been in a similar surcumstance?


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Russ, take some good legal advice on your position ASAP, your employer cannot just make you redundant without notice unless they are bust and the receivers are in.

Even if this is the case, you are entitled to statutory redundancy etc of the government.


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my old boss favourite hobby giving men their xmas bomus then laying them off just before xmas he done it to me just after xmas the man is nothing but a prick i could think of stronger words to call him atb paul


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No doubt these "bosses" think they are champions of the capitalist system and that the devil can take the hindemost. Far too many of them think nothing of acting as they do and then go home to enjoy the full-on Christmas experience, basking in the glow of self importance. Russ, you have my deepest sympathies. I wish you well in your ambition to find a career in 'keepering and hope that next Christmas finds you in an altogether better situation.

In the meantime, despite the circumstances, I hope you are able to enjoy the festivities and share in the hope of better things to come.


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Hmmm just read this and I am really sorry for this. However get yourself down and sign on right away they can help you bring pressure to get what your owed if you wait until after the festive break you could lose out.


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merry christmas

hi russ sorry to hear about redundancy if you have been employed ther for more than 12months your supposed to have a consultation period where they tell all the employees there jobs are at risk thats before they make a decision on who to make redindant go to the citizens advice burea
atb tom
Poor you! Other then shadowing what the others have said about redundancy pay I cant really add much to that side of things...but I can offer advice on getting "keepering qualifications".
Most agricultural colleges offer NVQ's or National Diplomas in game keeping, but employers don't necessarily look for those things, in this walk of life, as I am sure you are aware, practical experince is often just as if not more valuable!
With regards to meat hygiene, safe use of posions and traps, compotenance in stalking (dsc), firearms and shotgun certs etc these will be required, some by law now ie meat entering the food chain has to be confirmed safe by a trained hunter and the use of posions. These can be done through BASC or NGO, some as short part time courses through, dare I say it LANTRA.
Depending on your location etc it might even be worth having an ATV and chainsaw licence, again required by law.

As said previously most employers are more concerned about practial experience and may if your lucky pay for you to do the relevant training.

Also the NGO has a special link on its site for keepers that are looking for work, which they set up several years ago, you can add your name to thelist, browse whats about and they (i think) contact you when something suitable comes up!

Wishing you all the best for christmas and the new year!

Jade x


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Russ thought i was having a bad time till i read your thread. go for it mate, sounds like you will regret it if you dont,ps enjoy christmas dont let the buggers get you down