What A Surprise This Was


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I was asked by a farmer to have a go at a pair of fox that were at his chickens, the chicken run is at the bottom of a long steep hill field. I had a look at the track that runs across the bottom of the field past the hen pen as a starting point. It was last week and -2 degrees after dark the evening I went. I set up behind the car with the tail gait up to keep the frost off me on the track 60m from the pen to get a good view of the steep bank across the whole field, I put the FoxPro 70m up the hill in front of me, I sat on my shooting seat with the rifle on the sticks ready to take a shot and started the call, 5 minutes and Charlie came in and I dropped him 10m from the call, I left the call calling, reloaded and waited, well 3 minutes later a fox came down the side of the car not 2 feet in front of me looking at the call, it made me jump for that moment, it turned and strolled casually back the way it came, I leaned forward and watched it walk past the hen pen and turn up the field then headed toward the call, I sat down adjusted the position of the rifle lined up and bang a second fox was down, 2 dogs they were. I was amazed at that, I think the latter fox had been humanised to be so careless I've had em close but never that close before WOW. :eek:

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Reading this I think I might have sounded a bit of a prat.
in my experience the foxes run from me so as you say to have one so used to human contact not to worry about it I meant more along the lines of there are all sorts out there and each fox acts differently. Sorry if I came across wrong.

well done on that. A good result for that night. I do enjoy foxing.