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I cannot thank Sikamalc enough for inviting me down for a weekend of stalking in the South East. I arrived at the lodge around 6.30pm and was warmly greeted by Malcolm and his good Lady. Moments later the iron griddle was on the stove and Malcolm proceeded to cook four massive Sika steaks. The extra one was for Wadashot who arrived shortly after. I thought I had tasted some great steaks in my time but how wrong could I have been. They simple melted in your mouth and were so flavoursome.
Shortly after the plan for the following morning was briefed by Malcolm and I was to accompany him and his partner as I am a novice and yet to shoot my first deer, whilst the very experienced Wadashot would stalk on his own at a different location.
The early morning alarm had us up and after confirming that my rifle was correctly zero'd and all my documentation was in order we set off.
Unfortunately the morning stalk proved unfruitful for us. This was possible down to intensive farm activity the previous day and we also suffered some heavy drizzle which as we all know is disliked by Roe especially and they much prefer to stay in the woods in these conditions. However it was not totally uneventful as between us all we had spotted several deer in the far distance on the boundaries. This made Malcolm and Wadashot more hopeful for the evening stalk.
After a hearty breakfast cooked by Malcolm's partner we set off again to erect a high seat that Wadashot had made. It was excellent craftsmanship and better constructed than most you can buy. We then went to visit a friend of Malcolm's who was to show him some woodland. His friend suggested that one of us should take a rifle and I was most pleased when I was personally selected. We set off on foot and had only walked about two hundred yards along a ride when Wadashot spotted some Fallow heading in our direction across a field. Malcolm wasted no time and helped me to place my sticks. He said "get ready and remember to recycle another round immediately should I fire a shot" Everything I was taught on my Level 1 came flooding back. Well, seconds later a first year Fallow presented itself broadside at approximately 50 to 70 yards ahead of us and stopped in the ride. It was safe to shoot with a good backstop.
It all took just seconds but seemed like ages to me. My adrenaline was pumping real fast and at this point I feeling extremely nervous. I placed the cross hairs on the vital organs and sent off a round. I was that nervous I had to be reminded to recycle and keep watching. Malcolm was continually glassing the buck at all times and I will be honest and say that I hit it a little high. I was told to move forward and dispatch it with another shot. This I did and I was immediately congratulated by Malcolm and Wadashot. It was all to much to take in at the time, I was in a temporary state of shock! It had been five months since passing my level 1 and shooting my first deer. I was no longer that virgin stalker thanks to Malcolm.
I attempted to gralloch the buck with the assistance of Wada's. I will have to practise a few more times before I put in for level 2 I think! We hung the deer in the chiller and headed off for the evening stalk joined by site member Robin, another seasoned stalker and another true gentleman.
The day ended with Wada's shooting two, Robin shot one and Malcolm pulled off a spectacular shot resulting in five altogether, four Roe bucks and my Fallow buck.
The evening was rounded off with a meal at the local Inn.
I must apologise for going on but I must conclude by saying that none of this would have been possible had it not been for the kindness of Malcolm. I was made to feel really comfortable at all times and everyone's hospitality was second to none. I will never forget this occasion, I have got so much out of it and my knowledge is so much greater.
Last but certainly not least, a big thank you to another site member "Dollyferret" who was my mentor through my Level 1 and who provided me with most of the equipment that made this weekend possible.
Thank you all, I will never forget this wonderful experience.

I have included two pictures below. The first was taken just after the event and the second was back at the chiller.




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Well done mate. Youre very fortunate to have had the company of such experienced guys for your first deer. Good write up.



Pete E

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Great news; sounds like you had an excellent time..

My hat off to malc too for making it happen..




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well done steve,you couldnt have been in better company with the names you have mentioned.really pleased for you mate,i was lucky to take a roe with malcolm off there it really is a nice place.it was my first roe and only my second deer as yet.well done to you all for helping another site member to get his first.


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Well done that man.
I felt a bit of buck fever going on , great for the adrenaline , sure shot , good company , a favourable day , long may it continue . Whaaa HEY way to go.


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I would like to add my little bit about the weekend if that were ok.
As Steve (PREDATORCONTROL) said we had a great weekend thanks once again to Malcom.

You were right Steve them Sika steaks were great and really welcome after spending about 2 hours stuck on the M25 in traffic, honestly, my stomach thought my throat had ben cut :lol: , and ofcourse Malcom made comment on how fast i`d eaten the meal. :eek:
The first morning Malcom dropped me off and told me where to go.
After i let the light gather a little i set off stalking steadily and eventually spotted a nice buck thrashing about along a hedgeline which i decided to leave it as it had got good potential for the future.
I carried on along the route i had been told to go spotting a group of 5 for which i had a shot at a scraggy buck and missed :eek: and another group of 4 but were all does.
At the end of the first morning i saw 15 deer, but didn`t get another opportunity.
The sun in the afternoon was a good sign of more opportunities.
I fancied sitting tight in a highseat so went to a cracking spot that Malcom said he had seen plenty of deer there before. I was there for an hour when 3 deer came over from the other end of the field and one of them a young buck. The buck fell to my .243 with one of the others, a doe, wondering what had happened and hanging around to see why her brother was no longer moving. Here`s a video, filmed with my phone.

She stayed for while, even walking right up to the highseat, here`s another clip.

After a while she went so i gralloched him and hung him under the seat.
Another hour passed when i spotted another right over on the next field over with possibly one or maybe 2 more behind it.
I decided to stalk along the hedge of the field i was in and then along the woodland hedge in the next field until i saw them, there were 4. After crawling on my belly for about 100 mtrs i got the opportunity for a shot, so that was 2.
Robin was waiting at the top of the field to give us a hand which was appreciated.
The next morning Steve had to get away early. I went to yet another different spot and saw 10, but they were all does too :confused: .
Ok, so now for the thanks, first of all, Malcom, cheers mate ;) Malcoms partner, if i`d have known you were a rocker before i could have got some foo fighters or prodigy out the car to annoy Malcom with :lol: .
Steve, you were great company and i was really glad you lost you virginity on a fallow buck :eek: :lol: Robin it was a pleasure chatting to you mate ;) .
Thankyou to all involved ;)



Site Staff

Many thanks for your kind words, it always gives me a great buzz when a guest takes their first deer, I know how much it means to finally be off the mark so to speak.

If I may say you came across as being a very quiet, methodical person who will make a good stalker. Polite, courteous and a pleasure to be with in the field. Let me know when you want to repeat a visit. You will be very welcome.

It was a good weekend 4 Roe Bucks and a Fallow Buck. I shall be back down there in two weeks time with 3 very close friends who stalk for me.

Anyone else want a go please refer to my offer



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Great write up there predator_control!
I'm looking forward to my run down to Malc's place evn more now.
Cheers to both of you


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Well done Steve,its such a buzz shooting your first deer isnt it :D,i had my first stalk in Jan thanks to Wayne off this site i'll never forget it.Well done sikamalc & wadas for giving Steve the chance to shoot his first deer 8).Good luck for your 2nd Steve ;) .

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Well done Steve!

Its a brilliant feeling when you shoot your first deer, you never forget it!

I'm hoping that my 13 year old lad can get his first roe buck in the next couple of months, that will be a great feeling for me, better than my own first deer.

For sure, this is by far the best forum I visit for guys helping each other out and very few keyboard heroes (aka w**kers)...long may it continue. :D


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Well done PC
you will never forget that moment for sure
look forward to the pics :)
good on u Malc for giving steve the chance ;)


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Nice right up - sounds like a good trip!

sikamalc said:
Anyone else want a go please refer to my offer

Could someone point me in the direction of malc's offer - can't find the post??


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75 have a look under general then click on, Quality Roe Buck stalking available
any probs send me a pm and i will have a word to help you find it mate.


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Really good write up there PC and by the sounds of it, great hospitality and an great experience to boot!

Just wish I didn't live at the opposite end of the country!