What are the chances,?


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What a constructive post relating to deer stalking
perhaps you prefer to talk about sex toys, very "deerstalking related".

plenty of threads not related to deerstalking in "off topic", why pick on this one?


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of us being out by the time this kicks off? Germany: All EU Members Must Take in Migrants
a few members are not happy at all it would seem.
Germany is in many ways quite a messed up place now. The divide between far left and far right is quite frightening.

I have a very good german mate over there who was born and raised around Ludwigsberg. Whilst over there visiting I witnessed a far left march, those lunatics caused shed loads of violence and dropped huge amounts of litter.

It’s almost as if many native Germans feel they can’t speak up about immigration for being labelled “far right” and I also think because of their actions in two world wars, they feel the need to be even more hush hush about the issue. But chatting to my mate and all of his friends and work colleagues over there, they are all extremely worried about their country’s immigration policies.

It will be interesting to see what comes of this in 20+ years time!


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Are you two sharing a joke because I cant for the life of me think its amusing unless you let me in on it ?
Yes, Austin Powers...: There are only two things I can't stand in this world: People who are intolerant of other people's cultures, and the Dutch.


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Another example of why "remain" was always a misleading term. It infers stasis, things staying as they are. There never was and certainly isn't now any question of "remaining" in the EU as if it were some fixed and settled state; it was always a case of continuing on the remorseless conveyor belt towards a European superstate.

Throughout the whole debate it has been thoroughly disingenuous of the remain camp to claim that leavers had no idea what leaving would look like when they, the remainers, did their utmost to avoid talking about what remaining in the European project would entail. Brexit is an eminently flexible thing: it'll mean whatever the country and the governments we vote into office choose it to mean.
Remaining is absolutely certain: it means becoming part of a single European state with a central Eureopan chancellery, Europe-wide economic policy and harmonised tax laws. It means joining the doomed single currency. It means abandoning national defence and becoming part of a single European military. It means dismantling internal borders with member states effectively seeing their old national border controls transferred to the EU's porous and undefended perimeter. It means any person entering one EU state becoming automatically a citizen of all of them, hence the obligatory resettlement of the relentless stream of immigrants.
No single member state has any control over this process whatsoever nor any way of opting out. While our politics has been in a vegetative state for the last three and a half years, the European Project has continued to creep forward like the legislative glacier is was designed to be, overriding, crushing and absorbing everything it touches. The EU we voted to leave in 2016 doesn't exist anymore, it has moved on. Remaining in the EU of 2016 isn't an available option. It's a case of joining from scratch a new institution the terms of which no one wants to talk about.
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