what brand wood you reccomend ????


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Hi chaps, im wanting to get a new stalking suit for a xmas present, not camo. Ive bin lookong round and there are quite a few firms etc and brands like seeland, swedteam, an jahtijakt etc offering good suit and deals but im unsure what to go for. My budget is about £180. I will be wearing if for hill and woodland stalks. What are your reccomendations thank you very much for your time and help.


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Quality wise they're all pretty much of a muchness. My advice would be go to the shop and see which of the fabrics you prefer...some are not really up to crawling through the heather. Also, some brands fit some people better than others.

I've been using Seeland it's it's big brother Harkila for a couple of years and get on very well with them but I will say...the Seeland Beater fabric is perhaps a tad on the lightweight side for hill stalking. Have you considered getting a pair of tweed breeks instead of the trousers...they'll do you for years and be warm in the wet.


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Jahtijakt , very popular here in Sweden seem to be good value for money.
Seeland and Härkila are the same company Seeland being a bit cheaper than Härkila. Both brands popular here. I use the Härkila Prohunter jacket and Trousers in there second season and very pleased with them. But our hunting is a lot of following the dog or standing around in the freezing cold. Costs a tad more than 180 quid though :eek:
God bless Mr Gore and Mr Tex

Dan Newcombe

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Last time i read shooting time there was a deal in there, a seeland suit (waterproof jacket and trousers) for £150, looked quite a good deal to me.

Not sure where it was that was doing the promotion though.



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I'd second Jagare's endorsement of Harkila. I've had one of their camo fleece-y type jackets for about the last 4 years. I don't know the model name but it looks like it's made of teddy bear type material ( :eek: ), it's warm as toast and super-waterproof.

If you want non-camo, a lot of people seem to like the Nomad range - http://www.nomaduk.net/



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Jaht -Jakt
I ordered a set from an offer in basc mag , 10 items EXCELLENT KIT very warm silent and light , ALSO IMPORTANTLY keeps you dry! Kinda Loden green in colour, and you won't look like a waif when you are out prospecting. Mine was £210 for the lot but if you omit the elmer fud hat, dayglow vest , you should come out on budget !I became a Gigalo for a nite to up my budget :lol: But the wife doesn't know so Shush eh :lol: ;)
Regards Trapper
ps Harlika , Seeland , Deerhunter, Deertex. all have a shout as well ;)


Jahtijakt and Seeland are low budget gear. I've tried both and ended up regretting the learning experience.

Härkila is good but Nomad is best of all.

Nomad usually have a January factory sale where you can pick up some real end of season bargains.


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The point was
weeman is on a budget !! for the price ! thats good INFO FROM EVERYONE ! I would like a ferrari for my Gigalo nites but I HAVE AN OLD BANGER ! :lol:



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I like Trapper have a Jakti-jakt suit.

I bought one of these suits when they firstcame over here about 5-7 years ago i think.
You can not beat them for the money ,you used to get a lot more with the offer than you do today.
Mine has been mainly used for beating and lamping at night and it has had some abuse.
As you said your on a budget.
PM me and I can give you a number of a guy who does Deerhunter etc at good prices and if you mention the SD site he might do you a deal.


paul k

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One consideration for woodland stalkers is how soft the fabric is, too stiff and it makes too much noise. In general the more waterproof the fabric the noisier it is.


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Thanks chap for all your advice no doubt i will be calling for your help in the near future. :lol:


I have worn tweed most of my stalking life dabbled in all the deer hunter seeland harkila stuff but when i go out stalking its the tweed breeks and a soft tweed jacket.PS I go through 3 pair of trousers to one jacket so my tweeds don't match but i don't care.


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you really can not beat a Harkila pro hunter it even comes with a 5 year guarantee! The seeland thornhill jacket is one of the better budget jackets. It depends whether you want to spend 150 on a jacket now and replace it in two years or whether you spend 250 now and keep it for 5!

And off course how much you use it? Recreation stalker or full time, day in day out makes a difference! Good bargains can be found on websites for Harkila gear.


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personaly i would pay a little extra and get 2 sets of clothing
one for woodland and one for the hill
as hill stalking can be quite a lot of walking and get quite warm as it can cold
woodland stalking is a lot different and often if not always at a slow pace or even high seated
i only use deer hunter now and hav a ram suit with the added hitena
this i find after it's 2nd year still going strong but way to hot when on the hill or if the sun is shining a little warm
as for noise
it don't realy seem to make much difference as the deer will hear your footsteps well before they hear your clothes rustling ;)
give jonathon a pm for his man's details on the deer hunter or even on any other brands as he does do a good deal
i know that for a fact ;)

The Mole

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I don't think you can go far wrong with the Deerhunter Ram range at the 'economy' end of the market, otherwise Runnarkop is pretty good if a little more expensive.


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Seeland suit offered by bushwear looks really good for the money and tough too if the one bought by a lad I know is anything to go by. Fabric is quite soft, so quiet and its a good colour ~ not too dark.

Can't go wrong with Deerhunter at all.

Runnarkop is good ~ go straight to the importer for a deal.

I was told not to buy a whole suit, buy half of one, and half of another! Helps to break up a solid block of colour. Not sure how much is in it but is was a prof stalker that told me and it makes sense to me..... Also helps with that air of carefully cultivated scruffiness!