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What call do you use for roe deer?

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The Mole

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I carry a Hubertus cherry wood (the one with the little adjusting screw) and a Buttolo - both very effective depending on circumstances. As a rule I start with quiet doe & kid sqeaks on the Hubertus, then escalate to the Buttolo is nothing happens in 15 mins


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Never used one, thought about getting one at the CLA, but totally forgot to be honest.

As luck would have it, I've not needed one, managed to seek and then stalk into Bucks this season with great success.

I will get one for the next season though I think, "Better to have had and not needed, than not to have an need".

I think I would go for the Buttolo when I do.



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Hi everyone, I found that you can only vote for one call. I have used both the Buttalo and Faulhaber Normal with equal success ( or otherwise) over the past five years or so. I tend to use whichever comes to hand first.


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Hubertus Cherry wood for Kid Squeak & Doe in season
R P wooden for Terror call
Buttolo for Doe in season & Terrror call.
All work well if used correctly

I'd be interested to hear someone trying a Terror Call with the Hubertus Cherry wood though :confused:


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I used my quickly bought (on the way up) buttalo last weekend in Scotland, a few peeps and a buck came out intent to do battle with whoever was accosting "his" doe.
last thing he did.

the following morning another good buck fell for the same trick.

I wish I had bought one before.
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