What do you charge for venison for your friends?


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Getting quite a lot requests for meat from friends and have given some away but will have to start charging some sort of fair price otherwise better to keep it myself but having said that the freezers are rather full.

what do you charge for say sausages, haunch, fillet per kilo of muntjac or roe?


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To sell venison you need to be registered with your local council as a food business, its quite simple to do and it keep you on the correct side of the law, as to price look it up on the net then sell cheaper than they can get it in the shops


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£35-40 for a roe buck £25-30 for a doe £20 followers £15 a haunch. couple of rabbits a pint same for pigeon breast and pheasant. i sold a roe doe to a butcher for £30 skinned went in a week later he was selling diced venison for £15 a kilo he didn't get any more of me.


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absolutely nothing,
they can have as much as they want for free
then I can go and stalk another one.

sometimes I cannot give it away quick enough and pheasants also.


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Yeah I think you're all right about real friends. What about the friends of friends that want some as well?
venison is sold in the jacket from around £1-£1.30 around our neck of the woods and i would imagine your selling roe which i find on average are around 30lb in weight but as low and high as 25-45lb, now down to the friend bit, yes a true friend you will find it very hard to charge but a mate of a mate is another matter in my eyes and seeing as the car you drove, the rifle and bullet you used and possibliy even the stalking itself all cost you money to get the said venison and i take it your not a charity j111 so i would feel happy charging a friend of a friend £35 for a carcase and if they dont think thats reasonable they can always say no and go and pay the butcher top whack for it
I do / will target certain portions of "society" with some of the good stuff, ... Even backstrap / tender loin if I deem it might pay off in their views of the product of a blood sport.