What do you recommend


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Hi All

I am fairly new to this site,and would like the benefit of your lots advise.
Do you recommend using a long tracking lead, A collar or even a harness? Like the ones available from Paint and Pins
Or just let the dog hunt free?
All so is there any good trainers that you would recommend to send a dog for training.Or one that i could go to with my dog.
If so how much
And where



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I reckon long line and harness, long line to keep control of the track, you can always slip the dog if you need it to bring to bay, or not if you need to keep it out of the way for a quick shot.

Also free hunting dogs need to be taught how to let you know they have found a dead animal, fairly simple by day but not all that simple a task in the dark with the wind blowing and rain lashing and the dog has taken the track in the oposite direction to you.

The Paint and pins stuff looks really nice and I would say get a harness as it lets the dog breath when its pulling along the line.

You could try ordering direct from the link below. I have used them and its incredibly fast service and you can make the odd penny on exchange rates.


As for training, get yourself along to Stones dog day (see the this forum) sounds as if he is on the right track scuse the pun.


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Long line and a harness. Thats what I trained my Bavarian on, and also plenty of patience and time.

If you want a good blood spooring dog, get a Bavarian. Thats what they are bred for, and nothing else.


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I use a harness and a long tracking lead. Keep the tracking lead to about 10 mtrs in length. The best tracking leads are the plastic washing line type in bright colours. i use an orange one . You will find that it do's not get snagged on thing like the plaited or webbing ones do.


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The difference between collar and harness is largely personal. There has been research in germany which has shown that prolonged use of a collar on some breeds can lead to damage of the neck and upper spinal vertabra in some cases. The important thing to remember is that either should be used as a trigger to work and be of the correct size. A dog should not have its breathing restricted when tracking if the collar fits and if the dog is tracking at the correct pace, a dog flying off so that it chokes is no good to man nor beast.

My advice would be don't let a dog free track use a line. The reason for this is that it gives you more control. for example a young dog will overshoot turns, without some form of control this is very hard to rectify without picking the pup up and returning it to the line. this is less desirable than 'steering' the dog back( this will teach it to cast on point of loss). The lead also acts a contact between you and the dog, remember you are a team. Unless you use telemetry or you can be very sure of hearing your dog bark from 2 miles away, free hunting dogs can give you excellent opportunities to spend whole days in wet and windy conifer blocks looking for them, I've seen it happen.

The line you want should be water proof and light, dont worry about tangles as as the dog learns the correct pace to track,(slowly) you can if you find it difficult to hold the line just let it drop and the dog will pull it through any vegetation. stay away from improvising with nylon rope etc as this tangles easier than most things. You can use light climbing rope but this is expensive.

You can get your dog part trained but you will not get a out of the box tracking dog unless you pay lots of cash and are willing to hand your dog over for a considerable time. the reason for this is that a tracking dog learns his trade from experience and to give him the opportunity to develope that experience takes time and effort, plus no dog will have the same bond with you if trained by someone else that it would have if you train it. (I'm doing myself out of a job here)

paint and pins equipment is the same cost if not lower in most cases than waidwerk and the postage is cheaper too. (sorry couldnt resist).

Hope this helps feel free to contact me through my site if i can be of any help.

Mark Montgomery

Senior Training Officer Bavarian Mountain Hound Society