What do you use to keep your chiller/larder clean?

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I have just acquired a new Landig chiller, which turns out not to be as pristine as expected -another story- and needs a thorough clean.

Obviously, it will also need to be cleaned and disinfected after each occupant leaves it.

What kind of detergent/disinfectant would you recommend, and where would you suggest obtaining it from?

Also, it would be satisfying in the first instance to have the unit cleaned professionally at the seller's expense: if anyone knows anyone in the Birmingham area who does this sort of thing, please pass on their details so I can contact them for a quote.

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Mr. G.

Milton Fluid (yes the one used to sterilise baby bottles etc!) should be available locally without too much bother.

I wash out the chiller with soapy water until clean, then give it all a wipe over with detol wipes or with detol spray and wipe away with kitchen roll.
Washing soda dissolved in warm water to remove any grease and suchlike followed by a rinse down with clean water. Once dried I spray with Dettol, foodsafe disinfectant, and just leave it to evaporate. I do the same with my knives and saw. Avoid dishcloths and tea-towels at the end of the operation, they only spread bacteria, best letting the disinfectant dry by itself.
Grab yourself a 20ltr drum of dairy hypochlorite from your local farmers supplies, cost around a tenner and lasts ages, basically what milton sterilising fluid is but way stronger, i use it for everything from cleaning my boat,fish boxes to patio,even clean my kitchen worktops with it,keep it off your clothes though and rinse well after,it's what they use to clean out milk tanks.
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Yep, a drum of Sodium Hypochlorite is what you want - but avoid getting it on your clothes as it bleaches then dissolves them!