what does the the other half say........

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hello all,
we all enjoy the sport we do but just what do the other halves think about it? :rolleyes:
do they say to you dont be cruel or i dont know how you can do that, you must have a wooden heart??
or do you just not say nothing which can lead to suspicious minds!!

sometimes while you are out in the field with your trusty hound dog, and your good luck charm tucked in your pocket, do you ever think to yourself am i really the devil in disguise??

personally my missus is fine with what i do, although she does not take part in the sport, she is always interested to know wether the day has been a sucess!!



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What does the other half say

Hi Duggers and all. I will get in first and see what the rest have to say.
My wife, children, grandson and even in laws have no problems with what I do.
Even my future son in law (from Tunbridge Wells) came round very quickly to our way of life and is happy to eat venison, pheasant, game pies and anything else put on the dinner table.
Everyone in the family has been out Beating when needed and Daughter and son in law will stalk with me when they can. However, country clothing for everyone has been a bit costly over the years.
Family Evans will be at the game fair as usual and hope we will meet like minds.


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My wife used to be a pro falconer so she's all for it. Took her first shot with the 6.5 the other day and wants to do more...I'm a lucky boy!

I'd have to tie my 8 year old down to stop him coming with me...can be a bit annoying when he won't stop talking but I'm not going to do anything to discourage him.


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Hi all
My Mrs is a vegitarian who wouldn't hurt a fly, however she is quite happy breasting pheasants and making sausages, and she cooks meat fantasticly well :D
The whole of her side of the family are cockneys who don't understand what I do and couldn't eat venison in a million years, however they all love the "special lamb" I cook for them at family BBQ's :evil:
Drew, just remember that first shot she had, when shes out stalking and your at home minding that 8 year old :(


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l don't seem to be able to get out the house alone these days, my 12 y/o daughter is hot on my heals given the chance if l am of stalking or lamping even my 4 y/o son will jump at the chance to come with me bunnie bashing and as for the other half well she has her own 22 and 22.250 so need l go on 8), it gives a whole concept to a family outing but none of them will knowingly eat any type of game so all the more for me :D


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All very good to hear! My sister is a bit of a hippy anti hunting type so I try not to step on her 'blue suede shoes!' The wife is pro shooting and hunting and 'sets my soul on fire'. So that's okay! :lol:
The ex was really into her fluffy animals and would of prefered it if I would have just been her 'Teddy bear! ' But hey shooting what I do and I don't give a 'Blue Hawaii' what the antis think. So what if they get 'all shook up!'


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sorry beowulf, the 'elvis' themed post and your reply drew no attention, we try to wean them off the beaver, but once they get the 'bit' between the teeth then beaver is here to stay!! :lol: :lol:

i cant believe that no-one picked up on the 'kings' song titles used in the posts :cry:

back to the drawing board :idea:



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i suppose 'its now or never' to move on, but i 'just cant help belevin' that someone out there cottoned on!! :rolleyes: :lol:


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I would have known what you were up to from the first post because 'you were always on my mind' and I would have viewed the thread with 'Suspicion! Has anyone told you 'Your a devil in disguise', o yes you are! :lol:


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O.k., that's Willie Nelson in the the last one, right?

I did get the references to the Elvis songs too, although he was before my time.


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The good lady at first nearly cried when she realised she had shacked up with a "bambi killer" but after the first haunch roast was in the oven and wafting all sorts of wonderful smells about the place she soon changed her mind. I still haven't convinced her that a hunters breakfast is the food of the gods, but she has gone from accusing me of slaughtering cartoon characters to reminding me to "bring something home this time". I would bet that most of the bleeding heart anthropomorphists would change their tune when faced with a good piece of properly cooked venison fillet.

Heym SR20

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I am very lucky - it is more - why haven't we got any venison in the freezer - had n't you better go and get one. She also tolerates me butchering beasts in the kitchen and then having loads of meat sitting in the firdge for a few days to "hang" before it gets eaten or put in the freezer. She doers prefer it if the beasts can come inot the house without heads, feet or skin though.

5 year old daughter is also very enthusiastic - we spent yesterday evening slicing up a haunch and making Biltong - house now wafts with the sweet smell of coriander and other spices as it is hung up to dry in the Kitchen - the challenge is going to be letting it cure before it gets eaten!


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She has been know to say "The dogs could do with some rabbits" bless her.



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Hi Geoshot,
Its nice to see you on the site again mate, where have you been? The wife and I were both veggies when we met! The River Cottage program soon changed our minds! She is like an excited child when I bring home the beast!

Hi Heym SR20,
Whats that 'Biltong' all about mate? Sounds nice.


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My other half wasn't impressed at all when I first told her I wanted to go deer stalking. Even though we have a freezer full of cod and trout I've caught and killed myself. The problem is, deer as such god looking animals.

Lenghy conversations about an increasing deer population. The need for deer management and even a chat on the threats posed by invasive non native species soon made her think. Then she tried roast venison, my home made venison sausages, venison casserole and a few venison steaks. The low fat, low cholesterol organic (possibly) debate didn't matter then! :D

She's happy with it now. Though I'm not allowed a shoulder mounted trophy in the living room, and she probably won't pull the trigger herself.

Heym SR20

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Biltong - you obviously need educating here, or have never been to Southern Africa. Once tried, nevere forgotton and is addictive. Anybody who wsa brought up there probably cut their teeth on it, or any body who has spent any time in the bush has probably survived on it.

You can now find now on sale, particulalry anywhere where there is a South african population, but it is expensive - have just paid £3 for a small packet in coffee shop in London.

Much cheaper to make your own.

Very simple:

1) First shoot one animal - any lean meat will make good biltong, but fatty meat from a pig / wild boar wouldn't work, nor very marbled beef. Any form of venison is ideal.

2) Cut the meat into long thin strips - 1cm thick is ideal.

3) Marinade in a mix of:

1 part coursley ground coriander
1 part coursley ground black pepper
1 to 2 parts salt
A bit of bicarb of soda - helps tenderise the meat
a bit oof red wine / or balsmaic vinegar - not too much and optional (for flavour)
Chilli flakes / and or garlic - if you like it hot.

Leave to marinade for a few hours

4) Take a box of paper clips and use one paper clip per strip, pat dry the marinaded meat and then hang up to dry somewhere were there is a steady flow of dry air.

Traditionally in the bush this is a shady tree / veranda inthe dry season - but since we don't have that in the UK very often you need to improvise:


Airing cupboard
A rack in the kitchen above a radiator,
Or a cupboard with holes drilled at the top and bottom for airflow, and a 40 watt lightbulb to generate an airflow.
Go onto the net and search Biltong maker and spend vast amounts of money on one.

or the lip at the top of a series 2 or 3 land rover's windscreen

You must ensure the meat has a good airflow all the way around otherwise it will start to grow white mould

5) The hard part.

Sit and wait for at least three days until it is hard and dry - a week is better.

You will require a loaded shotgun for this latter bit to protect your biltong hoard from a whole host of vermin (children, friends etc) who will insist on trying just a little bit to see if it is ready.

6) Then consume


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Hi Beowulf,
Thanks for the kind regards mate.
Been doing nothing exciting, just work, however I hope to put that right this weekend. I'm off to rattle a couple of fallow (I hope), though one or a wee roe would do.
Ah what am I on about?
A walk through the woods watching the little beauties with half a chance at a shot will do just fine, then back to the pub/B&B for pie and pint is a day fit for a king.


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Hi Heym.
I found some in a butchers shop just today! I had two packets, I think I will go back tomorrow for some more. :D Its very much like the 'beef jerky' we used to get from the American PX's.
I'll have to try making my own. Thanks very much!

Hi Geoshot,
I hope you get some good weather for the Roe! I'm out at the weekend too! Hopefully the chap I'll be out with will let me buy him a pint and a dinner. It really is the best isn't it. Good Stalking, good food/drink and excellent company! :D


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Hi Geoshot,
I hope you get some good weather for the Roe! I'm out at the weekend too! Hopefully the chap I'll be out with will let me buy him a pint and a dinner. It really is the best isn't it. Good Stalking, good food/drink and excellent company! :D[/quote]
who knows mr b
if you get one you might even get a proper stalkers breakfast if the guy knows how to cook :lol:
and then there is the larder work i am not tempting fate here but you need to be prepared for all events but i am sure he will be able to fit in a pint some where along the line , just leave the biltong behind :lol:
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