what else do you take with you on a days hunting

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We all have our traditions and superstitions, but what do you take with you apart from your gun and ammo?

I never leave without my knife, a fire steel and a length of parachute chordage

What strange items do you take?


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A german hunting knife my Dad brought me when I was thirteen or fourteen (just turned 45). Would never pass scrutiny at DSC1 or 2 as it is the traditional leather and antler bolster, good steel, devil to keep clean and rust free, but can't leave it behind! Zeiss monocular. Enough ammo to start third world war, "T" shaped bone saw and a good length of nylon rope. :D


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A thermos flask the size of a milk churn. I leave it in the farmer's barn and remember I left it there two weeks later! Snipers veil, although I never wear it because I can't see sod all through it! :lol:


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Paper towel or toilet paper. You need this to wipe off the moisture on your scope and bino's, certainly in Scotland. I also use it to test the wind with if I need to by tearing off very tiny pieces, and of course if you get caught short its better than a handful of Sphagnum moss !!!!! Although its not too bad, providing you pick out the pine needles before you use it :eek:

I do not carry lucky charms on me. Although I do have a solid silver Cape Buffalo head about the size of a ping pong ball, which is fitted to the interior of my truck. It was bought by a very good american friend of mine who I took on a Cape Buffalo hunt in 1998. He bought it to commemorate the hunt of a lifetime and my birthday, and it is one of my most treasured items. Unfortunatly he passed away suddenly Christmas before last, but everytime I look at the Buff head, I think of him and all the great times we had togther in Scotland, Africa and America. :)


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My shooting coat is full of weird stuff,
Latest addition is one of those folding stanley knifes with a carpit trimming blade for gutting rabbits,
also disposable gloves small first aid kit with small mirror (for getting stuff out of your eye) toilet paper, FAC,Fox whistle.
It,s a good idea to carry a few plasters and a litle dressing or two plus take the time to learn how to use them, I cut my hand once while building a Pheasant pen on the top of a hill, i dropped a saw and stupidly caught it.
Every finger on my right hand was cut to the bone and the only thing i had was my t shirt, i tore it into strips and cable tied the strips to my fingers. next time i took a first aid kit.


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Dog? :confused: And dog food, if you are away for a few days, not that i am superstitious, but i have a feeling that if the dog wasn`t fed she would refuse to look for a deer :eek: , like has already been said, bog roll :eek: Mini first aid kit,etc :oops:



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I've mentioned it before but if I'm on my ground all day stalking and doing a bit of coppicing or wood cutting, I take my Kelly kettle. Nothing beats the smell of a wood fire, chainsaw oil and fresh tree sap! :D


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Well i take
1) A length of rope
2) Binos
3) My trusty Lapplander Knife that i love so much i sleep with it (Dont worry in its sheath) :eek:
4) Usually my WW2 USMC cammo pattern poncho, It goes everywhere i do.
5) Bog roll
6) Shooting sticks
7) Flask
& thats about it :D


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paracord (5m or so),
Knife and cheap spare (frost type) in bag,
small first aid kit,
bore snake,
sterile wipes,
a few smokes and a zippo lighter
leather strap with loops at both ends for carrying roe (if stalking roe).

Offroad Gary

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wind checker powder - just lean out of the truck window (whilst stationary!) - a couple of squirts - and wind direction is revealed. priceless. if its in the wrong direction - just move on to the next spot, or go to the other end of the wood/land.


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Hi Bucksden,

Yeah I use one of them to. I use a little squeezy bottle full of baking powder. It works a treat! :D


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I have one that drags deer, we nicknamed him Argo, he's about 6ft 4" sports a woolly beard, drives an old army landrover, shoots a bloody old 308, because he is scared to shoot a 270, as it kicks a bit, used to muck around on a canal, likes single malt whiskey, chases very small deer (Muntjac) and at the bottom of it all is not a bad sort.

Oh forgot to mention, has also has a charming attractive wife who makes a mean curry!!! (Not that you will catch me eating that gutrot, not a curry man me) :lol:

I have to give him some stick now and again, just so he knows I am still around and watching.

Ehh JAYB, ........... JAYB ............ JAYB JAYB. COME ON WAKE UP!!!!


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looks like JAYB's afternoon nap lasts longer and longer as every day goes bye
sorry JAYB youth is a marvelous thing but only wisdom comes with age ;)
as for bucksden and beowulf there is nowt wrong with licking your finger and seeing which way it is facing when it gets cold , modern gadgets a, but remember to take your glove off first :lol:


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Hi Sikamalc,
Sorry mate that one went right by me. Too busy writing letters of resignation and re-writing my CV this evening. I can't work for ass holes, having one myself is my limit! :lol:

Good to hear your in fine fettle Captain! I'll phone soon. ;)


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I'm awake you bunch of youthful bums! It just so happens that at this moment in time me and my spine and spinal cord are having a bit of a disagreement, but we are hoping to become better friends in the future. We have fallen out to the point where I really do take a man with me to drag the deer, and any serious walking is done on a quad. :D

I am however very happy for a friend of mine up here in the Highlands, he has just bought himself a motor-home in order that he can spend time away fishing etc. I have now convinced him that the etc.'s include the CLA, so I am now fully expectant of spending the entire weekend at a wonderful venue in the company of some wonderful people. I also understand some of you will be there :eek: :eek:



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That's excellent news John! :D I'll be able to wheel you around the fair in an old bath chair! Well at least wheel you to the beer tent. I can't promise that I'll be in any condition to wheel you back! :lol:

I hope you get well soon mate. By the way, how is my Sika Stag? You may want to give him an extra blanket and another bucket of oats, its getting cold. :confused:
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