What equipment do you use when you high seat hunt?


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Leaving aside a gun, what other equipment is used in the UK when you high seat hunt? In the U.S. most tree stands come with a harness, though it is not yet law that you must use them. There are also companies that offer haul lines, and companies, like mine, that offer more specialized equipment for tree stand hunting.

I'm just wondering what sorts of equipment those who high seat hunt in the UK use.



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Some American hunters do hunt from really high tree stands. I've heard of stands as high as 40 or 50 feet.

Most are between 12 - 20. I've done some research on this among U.S. hunters, so I know that it depends somewhat on what part of the U.S. you hunt.

Also, another question, are most high seats made of wood? I've been on some hunting supply sites that are UK based and it appears that they come in as many varieties as U.S. tree stands. I'm just wondering if I'm correct about that.



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Wow, Pete, those climbing stands must be pretty expensive.

A fiberglass high seat? Hmm, doesn't seem like that would be very sturdy.

I know from doing some research that there does seem to be more instances of hand built wooden stands in the U.K. We don't see as many of those in the U.S. Also, it seems to me that the stands in the UK are less tree dependant. In the U.S. the stands are specifically designed to be used in connection with a tree. Pictures I've seen of high seats in the U.K. give me the impression that they are designed more to be free standing structures.

If I'm mistaken in that, please let me know.



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I have a portable high seat from Jagersports, its made in Germany and folds down to the size of a large suit case. Very good ally body with plastic seat. I've fallen out of it a couple of times but hey its character building. Wouldn't fancy a safety harness, next thing you know we will all be wearing 'Day-glo' vests like you colonials! :lol: :lol:
High Seat

I have a portable high seat from jaegersport there are very good, it fold down and very portable,can get it in most vehicles including cars.
I have quite a lot of seats in semi fixed positions and so have not use it for a couple years. I am willing to sell it for £150 thats less than half price, it is mint condition if you are interested e mail me or phone on 07768 094484. I live near jct 18 M4.


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I don't know Carl, I've spoken with a lot of hunters over here who have been saved from serious injury by a safety harness. Sometimes "we colonials" do have a good idea or two.

To be fair, there are a great many hunters over here who don't like the harnesses and don't wear them. While blaze orange is required in most states, harnesses are not.


Carl Gustaf

Hi Gunslinger, Quite right about the safety harness and Day-glo vest. Its easy to forget that America is rather big and the wilderness is a real wilderness, safety first every time.

I've always fancied hunting in the States, but after watching 'Deliverence' I think I will give it a miss.

May I ask what Company you work for? I've had the virtual tour of Cabelas and was totally amazed! If we had stores like that in 'Ye Olde England' the 'looney lentil eating,feng shui,-bunny huggers' would burn them all down! :eek: ;)
My company is called Gun Safety Innovations. We developed and manufacture a tree stand safety device. It's kind of like a safety harness for your gun or bow, which also protects you.

We do have a great many terrific hunting stores over here. Bass Pro and Cabelas stores are quite an experience. We also have our share of looney, lentil eating, feng shui, bunny hggers over here as well. None have tried to burn down a hunting and fishing store yet though.

Carl Gustaf

Excellent website and product Gunslinger. If you have any wish to sell in this country you may want to rethink your logo 'Git a gunslinger'. In Britain a 'git' is what you call a 'jerk' in the US of A. :p How much does the safety sling cost?

Thanks, I'm quite proud of the product and the site.

The product retails for $19.95, U.S. plus shipping and handling. It can be purchased off our web site, which is equipped to take international orders.

I know there will be some issues with "git" should we market in the UK. When and if we decide to go full scale into that market, I'll sit down and figure stuff like that out. Being a member of this forum will help immensely at that point, I'm sure.



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Hi everyone - I am new to this forum and would like to introduce myself. I live in Southern Ireland. I am 52 and have been shooting since I was 12. I use a .270 Mannlicher with a Zeiss telescopic sight for deer, a CZ .17 for bunny bashing and I have a s/s 12 bore for rough shooting. I really enjoy reading the wide variety of topics covered on this forum. Regards Phil


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Well If im in a high seat out for deer or fox i have
-rifle with z aim sling so it won't slip of the shoulder while climbing
-foam pad to sit on for comfort
-face smock and hat

that's about it other than general stalking gear


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That we do.


Please stop by and take a look.

I always freeze my nads off in high seats because I forget to take things like a cushion and extra clothing (just don't usually carry them)
Thinking about "git-a-gunslinger.com" it works for me because the fellas who want to be put in a high seat early are often fat gits
They're usually heavy enough to stabilise in a way that they're unlikely to fall out - if your harness helped with levering them in and out it would be a plus
Some tree mounted high seats can cause an uneasiness when they sway in the wind which a harness might reassure the user about
It could also be adapted to drag or hang deer

The website didn't work for me but that may be an issue this end
Could you please send a photo of the harness if possible and price as I know someone who could use some.
They'd need to be extra large size
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