What jobs?

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Here`s a Question, What do we all do for a job when not shooting?.
I hope it does not come over as nosey, it`s just interesting to see what jobs and hours others do to help fund their shooting.

I will start off if your interested. :confused:

Ok, I work for Corus, the biggest steel makers and I work 3 and 4 days per week on 12 hour days and nights. :rolleyes:

Forgot to add, I do plastering on the odd occasion.

Come on, don`t be shy.



Full time stockbroker and part time farmer and would like to do neither.


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What Jobs

Hi everyone, I am a Laboratory technician, working for a pharmasutical company in Oxfordshire.
My brother and his son are gamekeepers on different estates and I beat with them during the season.
I run the beating line and generally help out on another shoot and have the stalking there in return.


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Apprenticed aircraft engineer. Then brought a small lighting company, specialising in the optical lighting of art works. I've been at this for twenty four years and still love it. Worked for some fantastic people in beautiful places, seen some fantastic paintings/sculptures etc.
Can't find anyone to follow me in the younger generation, very sad to think it will stop when I do. :D with work, :( for the future.


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Lorry Driver. I trained for environmental conservation work when I left the Royal Navy, but I got fed up of draughty tied cottages and crap pay! That and working with people who knew nothing about the countryside but could face paint kids and make 'eco friendly, multi cultural, lesbian and gay approved compost heaps!' :evil:

Work shy bunch of bath dodgers! :evil: :evil:

Buckup, that sounds like an excellent job! When I was a youngster I wanted to be a stone mason. I thought that it would be knocking out gargoyles all day! :D I still fancy it now.


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Trained as farm manager but now have a small online shop, do a bit of web design and hosting and also do a few odd jobs around and about. Also run school car and look after my 8 year old boy while the missus earns the main crust!

Gives me plenty of time to do my own thing, I'm very fortunate :D


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I am a graduate management trainee for a large national transport company, which I got into after graduating in HRM from Lancaster Management School a couple of years ago, and have worked in Oxford and Caerphilly since then.

Good work, and pays for the ammo! When I get the next promotion I am after a RPA!!



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What a reaction up to now guys, thanks.

It seems that most of us would rather be doing something other than what we are doing, you know, the grass seems greener on the other side of the fence etc. I for one trained at college for a year in HNC gamekeeping and wildlife mangement but i have now accepted that that`s not going to happen. :cry: I`ve fancied lorry driving myself Beowulf, but i know that it`s just another job and a way of keeping the wolves from the door.

I think that you are very lucky to have a job which you enjoy doing, like buckup, especially when it helps fund something else that you enjoy doing, shooting.



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Well, I got pensioned off fourteen years ago, ill health not age, forced to move to the Highlands and live a life surrounded by hunting, shooting and fishing opportunities.

Nasty work but as they say, someone has to do it ;)



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Beowulf said:
That and working with people who knew nothing about the countryside but could face paint kids and make 'eco friendly, multi cultural, lesbian and gay approved compost heaps!' :evil:

Work shy bunch of bath dodgers! :evil: :evil:

Cheers Beowulf. I laughed my head off at that one!!! :D


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Motor manufacturing engineer for a leading motor manufacturer for the last 15 years (unfortunately) also worked on crash testing & test bed engine developement.
Looking after a heard of reds, Bison, Alpacas part time (tend not to get too involved with the bison as there too bloody big for my liking)
Would like to do it full time but bills have to be paid etc etc :rolleyes:
Think by the sound if it we would all like to do something different from our day to day job :D


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Now working in Project development on days in the chemical industry This after 15 years on plant as operator then shift manager, I was brought up on a farm and always been involved with hunting,shooting and fishing.



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Director of Marketing for a hunting products company.

I love my job most days. Occasionally, when the creative thoughts dry up for a bit, I really dislike what I do, but most of the time it's fun.

My job certainly has helped me learn more about the outdoors and hunting. I've also met a lot of great people, in person and online.


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Professional Musician , and Cricket Coach for two first class counties.

general donkey work undertaken in days off. Gotta buy bullets.


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i trained as a forester and then did a gamekeeping course when i left school then worked for a gundog trainer untill he passed away, for the last 12-13 years worked my way up through the ranks and became a supervisor on a large christmas tree farm
pays the bills and gives a bit of flexi-time plus a free tree a christmas some bonus a :lol:


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Now you have touched on another thing there malcom. A lottery win,.
God, what i wouldn`t do with a few million in the bank.

Think my dreams of a shooting estate will have to be put on hold until at least wednesday night. :rolleyes:
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