what moderator


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Having a 30-06 built , fancy putting a atec maxim on it, its personal preferance really, what do you all like cheers


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I've had a fair old selection of moderators, and currently own a DM80 and JetZ.
However when funds allow the DM80 will be replaced by another Jetz as it isn't worth toffee.

In order of preference I think the Jetz, Northstar and SL5 are unbeatable.


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I have been trying out a MAE T SERIES bushless on my 308 and am really pleased with it, light, low recoil and no bush to bore out so you can swap it over to any suitable rifle.


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ASE Ultra Jet-Z compact on my 243 and is as quiet as a church mouse. Short & thin. Slightly heavy but not too bad as the barrel is chopped.
Just put an Aimsport Aimzonic plus on my 308. Lightest mod I've come across and very quiet. Bigger diameter than the ASE so does look a bit more bulky. A good feature is that it's easy to change the flange over, if like me you have different threads on each rifle.


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I went through a fad of changing moderators my last purchase was a maxim for my 308 I really like it I use mine with five baffles and no I do not strip it to clean it I just shoot it, weight and noise reduction are very good it will serve you well.....


Tried the hauskin moderator lately much better than my sonic 45. Had atec before that. Hauskin is along way ahead of both in noise and recoil reduction. Very lightweight aswell


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ASE Compacts all the way.

I have tried or played with many and I will keep with the ASE mods. They last a life time. I have one which started life on a 7Rem Mag and had probably 700 rounds through it plus probably another 5-6k through various other cals and there still isn't any signs of burning/blast erosion.