What next - ammuntion paranoia!

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From today's Shropshire Star:

Hospital gun cartridges arrest.

A man was arrested at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital after he was spotted carrying gun cartridges in the accident and emergency department.

Police were called to the hospital, in Mytton Oak Road, Copthorne, shortly before 10pm on Saturday following reports a member of the public was carrying live ammunition.

Maria Hawkaluk, spokeswoman for West Mercia Police, said: “Police were called to the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital shortly before 10pm on Saturday following reports that a man had what was believed to be gun cartridges on him. A man was arrested and two shotgun cartridges seized.

“He was interviewed and has been released on police bail pending further inquiries,” she added. Security guards at the hospital were also involved in the incident.

Jon Simpson, head of security at the Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust, said: “The police were called to the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital on Saturday night and arrested a man.

“The matter is now being dealt with by the police.”

A witness at the hospital, who wished to remain anonymous, said a number of members of the public watched the incident unfold.

He said: “A gentleman was found with live shotgun ammunition on him in A&E.

“The security guard was called to watch over the gentleman while they waited for the police. The police came and took him away.”

I wonder what the scene was like - people scattering with the cry - "Look out - he's got cartridges!"

What the hell can we do to counter this kind of idiocy?


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I was going to inflate, :lol: But Shropshire Star bless you , like all mentored sites you have risen to the normal Debase of **** in a crock .
Got to get your Xmas bonus!!
I will SECRETLY BE TESTING MY NEW HOME LOADS , AT A SITE KNOWN ONLY TO ME , and 500 other members . Tomorrow! I will use a lanyard to show how dangerous us bastards are and hope you get a closeup!!

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Hi charadam, No secret here. This paranoia results from all of the former "institutions" being closed!
Now they are all out on the streets. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
Bl**dy Press!
old man


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I think that at the root of this sort of behaviour is total ignorance,a lack of understanding and a culturaly engrained irrational fear of all firearms propogated by the media.
We all know that two catridges on their own do not present a threat, nonetheless they should always be treated with respect.Place those cartidges in a broken shotgun and they are still not a threat but should still be treated with respect ....close the gun and now they are a lethal threat and treated with the respect. We know that I bet most of the folk in A&E didn't
In the days of national service every male who served had some sort of weapons training and therefore an understanding of the firearms, which perhaps they spoke to their freinds and family about, so there was a far greater affinity with firearms.With the excetion of the very few kids who do cadets etc. nowdays other than a handful of professions including forces police , stalkers etc. and the shooting community the public at large has little contact with firearms and usually what little they seee of firearms is in the media and often with criminal overtones.

IMHO it is all about knowledge and undersatnding.

As an example I went in to my local recently and a shooting party was in having a meal. Sensibly they had removed their firearms from their vehicles and placed them in slips in a corner where they were watched and not accessible without getting past the gentlemen having lunch. I walk and think "oh the local shoot are in". Can you imagine if some total urbanite walked in and saw a large group of men with fireams to hand, what would they think?perhaps turn round leave the pub and call the police?
The difference between my reaction and that of the urbanite is knowledge and that is where the answer lies.If we can educate the urbanite he will walk in to the pub and also think "oh the local shoot are in".
The same would apply to the folk in the A&E department in the incident cited. If they had the knowledge would they still have reacted in the same way? Most unlikely.
It is all about education and knowledege as this helps to overcome ignorance which leads to irrational fear and the sort of reaction we have seen in this instance.That is why the work that all the shooting organisations do in respect of education is impotant and what we all do as in our own small ways is also important. It is a long process but one that is worth pursuing.

There you go that's my tuppence worth......


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What was he arrested for? Possesion of shotgun cartridges AFAIK doesn't need a license!

Lets hope he has BASC membership

Dan Newcombe

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Not been on here long and i dont agree with what hapened to the chap (we have all been in the situation where there are cartridges etc in our cars or found them in pockets).


what would have happened if he did have a gun with him as well and no one had done anything. afterward it would have come out and the reaction would be 'why didnt you do anything?'

The authorities cannot win.

Im curious how anyone saw the cartridges he was carrying? wouldnt be surprised if he had a knife as well, that would have put the cat among the pigeons!!




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how did people know he had them, was he walking around with them in his hand like an idiot? if it was me i would have left them in a pocket out of sight out of mind and all that.


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I have to agree with Mossy-dog, we have no idea how the public were made aware of the cartridges, however we should all be take more care in public places with firearms, ammo and confrontations with the public.
Of course newspapers being such, it's often what's not reported that tells the full story.


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Hi all,

well it can't have caused that big a stir at the RSH, my wife and sister in law both work there and hadn't even heard about it.
I'm sure that there must be more to this than meets the eye, for instance how would anyone know he had them, why did he have them in a+e at 10pm on a saturday night and what was he charged with?

If it was a honest mistake and this is just some guy that's twisted his ankle on a shoot day and hasn't emptied his pockets then thats a shame for the guy concerned but the nurses at the RSH have very little protection from the flotsam and jetsum that pass through there on a daily basis and i would rather the police overreacted to a threat than take no action and someone get hurt as a result.
It's also worth remembering that Shrewsbury lost a decorated officer last year when he was shot in the face with a .222 at point blank range whilst trying to help his fellow officers.

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Gurube62 said:
Can you imagine if some total urbanite walked in and saw a large group of men with fireams to hand, what would they think?

If they had just seen the Barnados website advert they would probably think it was a gang of blood sports enthusiasts getting tanked up prior to going out to 'cull' some 'vermin' hoodies?


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I apologise for coming back to this, but how does the interested individual follow up on this kind of story?

The damage to the interest of the shooting community is done by the first journo into print and we all know that page 23 apologies are worth the paper they are printed on.

I would really like to know what questions to ask, of which police appointee and of which newspaper executive, that would elicit a truthful, unbiased account of what actually happened - and what the outcome was.

In this case, I hope the gentleman in possession of the ammunition was wheeled back into A&E to receive the emergency treatment for which he had gone there, and that the complainant was apprised of the fact that no offence had been committed.
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