What phone cover do you recommend for iphone 4

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A griffin one,not sure what its called but its superb.it has a hard two part case and Perspex screen then a septet ate rubber cover that slips over the whole lot.i am a bricklayer so my phones are ruined in a few weeks but this one is standing the test of time as I have had it for 9 months and the phone inside is still scratch free and clean.got mine off that auction place,think I paid about 15 quid:D


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Otterbox commuter for general day to dy protection, get the Defender for serious outdoor use. The Griffin cases look good but I've never used one myself.


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I use the otter box defender on my iphone 5, really does protect it well, its had some really good falls and knocks aswell, without damage,


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Griffin survivor, mil spec - I have one for iphone and ipad it travels with me for work through Europe/Africa/ME & Caspian never had any issues and I am not gentle on equipment.

Cant rate them highly enough.


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I have a Griffin case
best case in the world in my eyes
only 2 down sides to it

its a little on the bulky side which you can't help as it is nearly indestructible

And the rubber part of the case needs a little knife work to make it user friendly
In as like you need to cut of the little part that covers the camera because it a pain if you want to take a picture quickly
2 second job if that
and the central button needs slicing flush on the back to stop you activating the voice calling when phone is locked when in your pocket
again a 2 second job
But a case I defo recommend for the money


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Got an Otterbox Defender myself and would recommend. Only warning is that it does make a relatively slim phone fairly bulky (but in terms of protection, hard to beat).

Heard really good things about the Lifeproof cases (waterproof and more compact than the Otterbox), but are $80 in the US and probably more over here!!


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have tried several, but in the end got a Lowe pro case which clips on my belt, easier access , is out of the way, no struggling to get it out of my pocket and less chance of damage.


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Life proof are the only cases that survive a life at sea and international abuse all others failed fairly quickly.
​otterbox lasted less than 3 days!
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