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What powder seems to be the most readily available at the moment and has been in the past? I am going to start reloading my .308 and want to know what's "Always" available?




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You'll be lucky.
There are some makes available that are 'always' available for a period, may be longish or short but they there will always be a time when 'the delivery has not turned up'.
Mind you, now that the powders no longer rely on just being available from the States and folk are using a more diverse selection from France and Finland delivery should be quite reliable.
There may still be the odd glitch but should no longer have the long periods of not having the powder you use and having to decide on waiting or using another powder and all the re-zeroing and load testing associated with new powders.
Having wrote all that drivel!!, I think the most commonly available now is probably the Vit powders and with those the price is the thing that varies most from shop to shop for the same powder.


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Cheers EMcC,

I was looking at Vhit 140 and 135 today on the net......

Will try and source some at the CLA and see how I get on with it.



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It's taken me a good few months to find a local (1 1/2 hour round trip) supplier who has a good supply of reloading stuff in. Most other places round here seem to have some in and it's very hit and miss.

Oddly, the people I'm on about don't sell things like coats, hats etc - they're pure shooting and real gunsmiths. Other places you have to fight your way through the Barbours and Berretta Scarves for the ladies before you get near anything that looks like a gun. They probably dont make much off reloading kit.

It is frustrating - I thought that once I settled on a load I'd get my max allowance in powders, but I don't really want that much stored at home. So its probably not a great idea.

One symptom of my probs is that I am now stuck with a £35 tub of Reloder 15 that I couldnt get the bullets for, I ended up with N140 but the suppliers wouldnt let me change it. Aint buying from there no more!


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Always found Vit 140 to be consistant in the 308.

Advantage of Vit is it comes in kilo pack, so you wont need to restock very often ;)


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Redmist said:
Always found Vit 140 to be consistant in the 308.

Advantage of Vit is it comes in kilo pack, so you wont need to restock very often ;)

What's the damage in £££££ for a Kg


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I've only ever reloaded with vit. I bought the n-130 for .223 as this uses less case capacity than n-135, n-140 is what I use for the deer legal centre fire calibres,but even then n-140 can be used for the .223.
The only use I can forsee for the N-135 is if I were to load up a 125gr ballistic tip in the .308 as it seems like quite a specialised powder,for lighter bullet weights.
I'm very happy with the powders,in the shops I've been in,they have said that it's no cheaper to by a 1 kilo container than it would be to buy 2 of 1lb.
If you can get the pamphlet of vit loads from your dealer for free,it's worth having,I also find it very helpful that the Sako catalogues have the details of the powder loads for their ammunition,which is very good for giving a few pointers. I suppose it must be safe,as it's factory loads?!


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Help Needed before I have an Accident!!

Help Needed.

I got my Vit n140 today.

I have looked in the Modern Reloading 2nd Edition, and the following info is given.

Page 427

150gr Jacketed Bullet

Start Load 32.2
Max Load 40.8

Looking at the VV PDF Download it gives the following info

Page 15

Bullet 150gr SPBT

Start Load 41.8
Max Load 47.1

I will be reloading Sierra Gamekings, which are Soft Point Boat Tail (SPBT).

Lee don't specify Bullet types just weight, but the VAST difference in these 2 loads could be fatal to me.

Please Help!!



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From Vihtavuori mannual (third edition, page187)

.308 Winchester

150grn Sierra SPBT N140 starting load 42.3grn 2546fps
C.O.L. 2.756 max load 46.8grn 2814fps

150grn Sierra HPBT N140 starting load 40.8grn 2495fps
C.O.L. 2.795 max load 45.8grn 2761fps

150grn Lapua Mega N140 starting load 32.2grn 2126fps
C.O.L. 2.638 max load 40.8grn 2564fps

Hope this clears up some of the confusion or will it cause further confusion?


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I have an old Vihtavouri guide which refers to the .308 cal. using the Hornady 150gr Round-nosed bullet.
It states a max. load of 46.3 grains of Viht. N140 for 2840 FPS so 15% less to start would be 39.3 grains.
As the R.N. bullet will have a greater bearing surface than your Spitzer I would expect this info. to be safe and workable.


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i'm using 44gn n140, speer 2023 soft point 150gn's in the loads made for me. 71.5mm col (blaser mag restriction).

shoots sub 1".

made for me by the guy in the english match rifle team. its his favourite stalking load. very soft to use.


Offroad Gary

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cheers. tuesday is buckday!! :evil:

the previously mentioned loads shoot same poi as factory federals from my gun at 100m, handy if you run out!
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