What qualifications & skills should someone get who wants to become a estate gardener

The Lucky Hunter


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I'm currently undertaking a horticulture apprenticeship just now

I'm aware spraying and chainsaw is normally required

If anyone has any other suggestions I'd be more than greatful for the feedback thank you.

Also if you have any experience or knowledge on what other roles a gardener on a estate undertakes I'd appreciate the information thank you.


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If you can get some training on pruning and tree care and most importantly pests that come with any plants , bushes and trees real important part of the job

excellent career, a long learning road but enjoy and prosper, good job prospects and a good job ahead
good luck


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Concentrate on the horticulture, if you can gain experience in exotics or water features that would be an advantage if the site requires it. As you say PA1, PA6 minimum, atv handy, first aid and H&S, every ticket you have is £350-£500 your boss doesn’t have to spend, get as much experience as you can, volunteering always looks good on a cv and can open doors
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