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I have just bought a secondhand 22.250 without a moderator, for small money, i think it is a L S A 55, that is wrote on the side of the action (Tikka), my question is what new or second hand scope would be best to put on it for shooting rabbit and fox out to 300+ yrds. I have a S&B 3-12x50 scope on a .270 Remington and am very happy with it. Thankyou.


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I may be wrong but your S&B should be good enough that you have on your 270 try and get like for like or a fixed mag for your 270 and allow for your S&B to sit on your 22.250

jay 22

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depends on what you want to spend. if your shooting to 300 yards then i would want something with some mag. as the guy above said the s&b 3x12x50 would be good or maybe something up to 20 mag.

i had a zeiss conquest 6.5x20x50 on mine for a bit and it was very good. that now lives on my 17 fireball and the 22/250 i have wears a zeiss victory 6x24x56. i rarely go above 12 mag with it though at night. but in the day when doing some load testing and zeroing etc the extra mag comes in handy for spotting the bullet holes.

you dont want a crosshair that is to thick also