What sling


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Love the look of this sling but cant find one any one have any ideal make or were to fine one
Any help would be greatfull
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widows son

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Love the look of this sling but cant find one any one have any ideal make or were to fine one ​ View attachment 32620 Any help would be greatfull

Looks a good bit of kit .ive just went back to all leather slings on my own rifles the neoprene slings a crap never sit right in the shoulder .

I picked mine up from William Rollinson saddler from bridge of earn the man makes some quality kit ,he will if you have an particular idea will make it for you .


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It's possibly an AKAH item, looks like one I have seen in a German Catalogue, both of which I have 'lent' and never got back so can't check for you!! Try checking Frankonia Jagd or Alljagd sport online. The sites are in German but if you find the search icon and search on 'Riemen' (sling) there will be a heap to chose from.

I'm pretty confident it will be there however I recon one of the leather boys on SD could knock you up one if you have no joy.

David T

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Bisley make a heavy duty leather sling similar to the one in the picture. Could also PM Dougster from this site as he was selling some bespoke ones recently.


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Hot Dog that is the one i ment to put up any way its the one i use leather and webbing great sling.


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Best sling ive had I made out of horse reins, get the widest ones you can, they stick to your shoulder like glue, stops modded rifle slipping around, rubber coated ones


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Horse reins are definitely non slip. I used them years ago, but got a saddler to modify, then used leather thongs to fix them. I use MAREMMANO Italian slings now, and just sew a couple of buttons on the shoulder of my coat as a stop.


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+1 for the Bisley, its nice and wide and has a thumb hole if you want to use it. It works well either muzzle up or down was about £40 and all leather. I like the look of the one in the OP photo Tom


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that looks like a simple leather sling with a dimpled leather section stitched on
any leatherman could knock that up

PM Dougster or Saddler on here
better supporting artisans and craftsman than multi nationals sourcing in foreign countries!


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I think that photo/rifle may belong, or have belonged, to a user on here called claret_dabbler. It might be worth trying to contact him.

Westley Richards do some nice slings - I wanted a canvas one and have had their canvas and leather sling for quite some time now and love it. I think they do full leather versions as well. Not cheap, but very nice.