What sort of Variation do I need for a spare barrel of the same calibre and for slugs

Heym SR20

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Following on from a previous post I am going to get an Einstecklauf (liner barrel) for my Combination Gun so that I can use it as a double rifle for wild boar. Current rifle barrel is in 7x65R and the new liner barrel will also be in 7x65R. It will obviously have to go on my FAC, but before I ask the FEO has anybody any views on this. It's not an additional firearm so will I need to pay the costs. I am also going to ask for permission to hold Shotgun slugs for zeroing purposes and use on pigs and vermin (its a 16bore so not applicable to UK deer).


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I'd advise to just keep the application simple i.e barrel 7x65R, with the same use as the primary firearm given. You can elaborate if they come back to you.

Are you already using the 16b slugs abroad and want additional UK use/possession?

If so then a covering letter stating that you need to zero and practice in the UK to ensure effective kills elsewhere should help - it would be difficult for anyone to argue that we shouldn't apply the same respect and humane attitude to any animal as we do in the UK. From there it's just as easy for the FLD to authorise full UK use on boar etc. if you request it.