what type of bullet are you all using?

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Up until recently i've always used Sierra Gamekings. However i've recently moved and have been forced to experiment with a few others and am genuinely surprised by how different they shoot and how different the resultant deer carcass is.

So, what are you all using and why ???


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.243 Federal Power Shok 100gr
.308 Federal Power Shok 150gr

I think Federal make the best Factory Ammo going,

As and when I get hold of some Sako Ammo, I will compaire then, but for now, Federal.

"Does what it says on the tin"

I don't use enough Ammo to justify reloading yet.


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tartinjock said:
.243 Federal Power Shok 100gr

I think Federal make the best Factory Ammo going,

As and when I get hold of some Sako Ammo, I will compaire then, but for now, Federal.

I don't use enough Ammo to justify reloading yet.

As above, 100 gr powershok, tried the sako and my rifle hated it, scatter the groups all over the place.


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Homeloads, never shot a factory round yet.

A mate of mine says that his tikka t3 shoots tiny groups with the cheapy Norma stuff. He reckons its his tightest group. (243)


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I'm the same, Federal Powershok for any domestic deer stalking with my 270.

Also use 150 grain Nosler Partitions (Federal Premium) for heavier stuff.


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Have used remington corelokt 100grain & hornaby 100grain BTSP interlock in my remmy 700 .243 & are accurate for the ranges that I shoot.


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.243 100gr and .270 130gr prvi partisans ;) 8 quid a box and shoot ace. Shot them for years with no problems. :D



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wadashot said:
.243 100gr and .270 130gr prvi partisans ;) 8 quid a box and shoot ace. Shot them for years with no problems. :D

tight ares
i can't homeload for that , but i must say they printed quite well out of your 270
i use hornaday 100grain btsp in 243 and hav just started using nosler solid base soft point in the 30-06
both do the job well
and accurate enough for me


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Bullet type

6.5x55 - RWS 127g KS sub 1.25in groups factory loading in factory Sako 75, at 100m. Although about 2 years ago put Federal Classic 140g and best group was 1.25in but not as consistent as RWS.

30-06 150g RWS KS, sub 1.5in at 100m, again factory loading in Sako 75.

Very short run out distances with engine room placement.


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.243 hornady 100 gr interlock for deer or speer 80 gr spitzer for fox. my rifle shoots the 80s marginally better. it is going on loan to my cousin for deer use otherwise it would be used for foxing only and use only the 80s

7mm08 speer 145 gr hot core spitzer. it is very accurate and kills very well.

.30-06 speer 150 gr hot core spitzer. also very accurate and kills very well. I have never recovered a hot core from an animal. I used to use 150gr gameking. It was a really accurate bullet but fragmented easily at .30-06 velocity.

I am thinking of going to 165 gr in .30-06 it will also be speer spitzer.

they are not hugely popular but i like them and rate them.



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Hi Scotsgun,
Federal Premium Sierra Gameking 85 grain BTHP in .243, Federal Sierra Pro-Hunter 160 grain in 7mm Rem Mag. The .243 is a Tikka T3 and it prints superb patterns with the 85 grain and they certainly seem to normally do the job, although I did have one that didn't exit on Saturday - it was a slightly angled towards me lower chest shot and had hit a rib on the way in - the bullet expanded but the core seemed to have fragmented, damaging heart and liver. I found the jacket embedded in the rib cage tissue opposite! The main reason for picking that ammo was that I could shoot the 55 grain ballistic tips for foxes and the 85 grains on deer and not have to re-zero. Out to about 200 yards they shot similar enough to not make any difference
The 7mm Rem Mag definitely shoots better with my hand loads but picked up some of the Federal for about £16 a box, so for that that money I'll shoot that!

Offroad Gary

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prohunter mountain with T8.

currently running 55gn silvertips (.243) for fox and i necked a roe doe the other day with impressive results.

have tried 100gn t-mantel rws which are excellent, 95gn ballistic tips, 100gn and 85gn federal(not killed with them) and 80gn wincheter varmint on charlie.

when my stock of silvertips is out i'll start using 85gn federal in the .243 for fox, munty and occasional roe (mainly fox though).

waiting for my ticket with slot for .308 arriving soon!


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.243 sako 85 stainless varmit 8x56 S&B

for fox
Hornady 75gr V-max flat shooting hard hitting and very accurate, sub 3/4" @200m

for deer (i havn't a lot )
Hornady 95gr SST and 85gr nosler partion both are very accurate in my rifle again sub 1" @200m .

i havn't used this rifle (new) to shoot any deer as of yet but in my old rifle i had great results with these rounds.

the 95gr SST with engine room shots will put the beast down quickly but can cause a bit of damage (lucky i dont eat the ribs or lungs).

the 85gr Nosler partion i found has good penetration less meat damage good exit wound but has less of a knock down effect . the furthest i have had a deer run is 80m most drop within a couple of steps.

i hope this is helps............... neil



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I am all in favour of Federal Powershok in 150gn for my SIG 308 and 55gn in the 223, but my 22-250 hates it.

ended up with 55gn Noslers BT's for foxy and 55gn Speer SP for unfortunate roes, was running H380 powder and remmy mag primers, but i have got N140 VV now to try on 22-250 and with 125gn Nosler BT in 308.

My 308 groups better with the federals than any homeload so far. Tells you more about me than the gun. Dont see the point of making a 150gn load when the one out the box is tops, so trying other things


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hi all
55gn federal soft points in my .223 for charlie
150gn federal soft points in my .308.i have been using them in my .223 for 8 years and they are great never had any problems.


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federal 100grn in the .243 Sauer. never had a problem atributable to the ammo.
Sako 150 grn in the 7x64 Sauer, no piggy has out run them. I tried the RWS and found it much harder in the shoulder. I think they were about 157 grn (heavier than the Sako's) and they shot 4" higher at 100yds, so they must have been going pretty quick.


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.308 Win 150gn Hornady SST on top of 46.8gns varget, slightly more controlled expansion than ballistic tips, my Steyr Scout loves them.
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