What weight and brand bullet for Sako .270win.


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Hi all

Just after some thoughts on what people are putting through there .270win.
I have a Sako .270win for deer and pigs.


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150 Sierra Gameking 2850fps
110 Barnes TSX 3300fps?
110 GS Custom 3450fps

22.5" Tikka T3.


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Norma 130gr soft points.

A touch 'dramatic' on roe deer, very effective on fallow.

This is through an aged Sako Finnbear with 24" barrel, and will group around an inch if I'm shooting well.


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Norma 110 bt, and federal fusion 130, both work well on anything if you do your bit.


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Hi, I found my Sako 85 .270 win did not like 130 Gr bullet weight, but performed very well with the 140 Gr, finally settled on 140 Gr Sierra Gamekings which the rifle will clover leaf group at 100 m.
Seems to work very well on UK deer species, but have not yet tried on the boar.


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Shooting mate uses RWS 130gr T-Mantle with his .270win 85.
(I use same bullet on my R8).


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Every rifle is different, so start with the least expensive and most commonly found ammunition in 130-gr and 150-gr: PPU, Sellier & Bellot, Remington, Federal blue box. Try the 140-gr Sierra Gameking in Federal Premium and Hornady 140-gr SST ammunition.

Then look at the game and distance. If you are using the .270 Win for its intended purpose, long range shots on deer, antelope and sheep, there are so many good 130-gr bullets and now 140-gr bullets, loaded at 2,850 to 3,100 fps.

On large deer, boar, moose, and bear, 150-gr is the way to go - just a solid base SPT or RN.


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Go heavy for the pigs, I use Norma in 150 or 156gr, though recently I did buy two boxes of 150gr PPU to try out as its less than half the price of the Norma ammo...
I have previously also run Federal Premium Nosler Partition in 150gr with good results on the boar.

go lighter for the deer
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I pick up some Norma 110gr bt the weekend only because that was the only .270win the shop had in stock anyway I was grouping them less than a inch at 100yards also pushed the target out to 200yards and was still grouping very well and only dropped 1/2 inch.

Shot a big dog fox last night @ 120yards with them and couldn't find a speck of blood on it????