whats this been breeding with


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I get alot of those some years more than others , I had a litter move in one harvest and the vixen had white sox on the front all her cubs had white on their legs ranging from toes to all up their front legs


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come to think of it many moons ago when all i had was an air rifle i watched a famliy of rabbits with all the young with a white spot on their foreheads. bummer of a birth mark eh
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It looks like it may just be a variation in pelage but the same effect can show up from 12 guage with scars groing in white.


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well my first thought is African Hunting Dog....but I hope to god that is not the case otherwise lamping foxes will take on a whole new dimension!


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I regularly pass an area near to Stirling Services and there are a dozen or so fox red rabbits...