What's this bug?

Yorkshire lad

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Been out stalking tonight and shot a little buck. On walking back found this little bug. I've never seen one before and wondered how many others know what it is, I have another pic that will help but I would like to see what people think out of interest.



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Looks like the larval stage of some type of beetle and almost like a Ladybird one but bigger


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I wish i was a Glow Worm.
A Glow Worm's never Glum.
How could you be unhappy,
when the Sun shines out your Bum.


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Well done! Glow worm it is. I've never seen one before. Thought it was a fag end at first.
I have seen my first glow worms in the last week. I saw 1 last week and 2 last night. All were in the same field.

When I first spotted it I thought I must have dropped something that glowed!!! It was only on closer inspection that it was indeed a glow worm. See below photos.

I have seen fire flies in Germany, this is the first time in my 30 years that I have seen a glow worm!!


paul o'

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:rofl: nice to see you are just like the rest of us brave chaps and kept ya gloves on just in case ;)
ahhh the old glow worm, hot nights and the sweet smell of fox !!