Whats your favourite...

If you could have just one UK species gold medal trophy hanging on your wall what would it be?

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to frightened to show anyone else
She still scares the s**t out of me now just thinking about it :lol:
measurements 34x26x36 how about that for the size of her mouth :lol:
not got a shield big enough for her head


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I see that I've joined the party too late again!
I'd hang my ex on the wall but a moose isn't a UK species.
I require a nice beaver now that needs stuffing and mounting!

Dickie, that cull doe ex of yours was it last seen grazing around Diamond Lill's! :D


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Dont think the SCI & CIC standards include devil horns do they mate :D
This thread is getting quite good. Maybe we should exchange some pics of our EXs heads or giving head. Oops wrong site again, I must remember to close that other web window when im on here :D


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More a commodores or boobs than Lil's though that statement would cause fireworks.
she would require a good size piece of wood and a good external wall to hang from.

Thank you the weather held and we had a good day today though forecast for Sunday doesn't look good.
I hope your doing OK and the whisky is keeping you warm are you a malt man and which one is you favorite?



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Hi Dickie, I am a malt man, and my favourite is any make if someone is buying :lol:

Glenmorangie, which is about 40 miles from my lease, and Lafphroig ( cant spell it).

But it needs to be drunk around a roaring fire, with good stalking friends to make it taste even better. ;)


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Hi Dickie, I think I know the lady, or at least one of her sisters! God bless garrison town girls! Every serviceman should have one, preferably with a 'pussers' stores number tattooed on her ample behind. :lol:

PS I like Glen Fid if your buying. ;)


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she probably wasn't around in your time though she did have some fine artwork though no N.S.N!

Glenrothes is my favorite I find Lafphroig a bit to medicinal, if I'm about for the CLA I might bring a drop along. I don't think the campsite would probably allow the roaring fire though.


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Ahoy Dickie,
You anchor faced skate! If you are at the CLA Game fair, then the Whiskey is on me! I'll enjoy talking to a fellow 'Grey Funnel Liner' we may even get these land lubbers singing a few matelots ballards or at least doing the 'Zulu Warrior'! :eek: Hopefully then I will see you on the Forecastle for sundowners on the 25th, 26th and 27th of July. :lol:

I like Glenfidich because the bottle looks like a grown up alcoholics 'Toberone' but without the chocolate and full of single malt :lol: