What's your poison tonight?

Cushty mush

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Evening all just just wondering what you gents
will be drinking this New Year's Eve?
Personally it'll be a few lagers followed by a nice bells, or 2 lol

happy new year
atb for 2015
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red wine with dinner and if we stay up (we are old farts) then maybe some champagne to see in the new year.

Happy New Year to everyone and may you eyesight be good and your powder dry throughout 2015. regards SBM


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I will be drinking to the health and good fortune to the lads and lassies of our superb NHS who saved my life one year ago and i salute you ALL. Slanj!!


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A glass of dom perignon 2004 vintage, followed by a nice Merlot with the meal, a glass of tawny port after and then a dram or 2 of an 18 yo Oban to see in the new year for me. I must confess I am looking forward to the company more than the booze though...


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I'm on a sleep over at work so water but I'll make up for it tomorrow.
Anyone tried the kings ginger whiskey very, very enjoyable


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a couple of very large slowgasims ( Gordon's slow gin and Champaign ) followed by a large dram to see in the new year, one of the few times I have a drink.

the dram will be a Balvenie a very nice 17 year old DoubleWood.


A bottle of Fortnum and Mason's 2010 Margaux. My girlfriend gets given some very nice bottles of wine by companies she gives work to. She's teetotal so I generally have a nice few drinks over the christmas period :)