When adjusting the T3 trigger...

jimmy milnes

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Seems a good idea to and if you have it then why not..
Having said that I didn't on mine 6 years ago and it's never let me down, however that my gun and someone else's could well be different I guess


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Do you put locktight on the threads? I adjusted mine , but didn’t put anything on it. Second guessing myself now.
No thread locking compound needed.
Like many replies, I have adjusted the triggers on both my T3s and the screws have never moved
Given the US propensity for taking legal action against anybody and everybody, I'm sure it would be mentioned in the owners manual if it was even remotely necessary.




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Certainly put Loctite on the M6 screw holding the trigger on the action. Also tighten well as you never ever want that screw to go loose. The little grub screw I put on a little bit of thread lock after moving it when the rifle goes to a customer. For myself I didn't so far as the screw hits against the head of the M6 holding the trigger and can't really go any further.