when the season ends....

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hello all,
for those of us who are not lucky enough to have roe on our patch, what does everyone do to amuse themselves when the season is over at the end of april until the summer approaches???
i know some people like myself have muntjac they can stalk all year round and some very lucky people with cwd but some people who only have fallow or reds which is my main quarry, how do you pass the months away until you can hunt again??
for many, i would imagine the missus has a list as long as your arm :rolleyes: , to make up for the time spent in the field and b&q becomes your second home :lol:
i would be interested to know.



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Well Duggers I'm coming up to your place to shoot your muntjac. Have your butler open up the east wing for my arrival old bean! :lol: ;)


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Hi Duggers
Well im also lucky that i have muntjac to shoot all year round but tinkering with anything mechanical passes my time away & also helping with fencing, fabrication work etc around the farm.
O yeh & surfing the net for good sites ;)
Ill come up with Beowulf but can i have silk sheets please & 2 pillows, O and a pretty maid. That will do for starters but sure ill think of some other things :D

Andy L

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Pleased to say that the Roe are moving into my part of Kent at high speed so this year I should be able to do a bit. I also do alot of rabbit lamping around the orchards with my trusty .22LR.
Oh yeah, and sea fishing for the beautiful Bass. I think it would be easier to find Munties in the brambles than Bass in the north sea!!


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Luckily we've a few roe but a lot of summer is spent thrashing away at the wee lochs in the hope that the fish repellent I was sprayed with at birth has worn off. We get masses of mackrel coming up the sea loch too, they're great fun on a fly rod.

Other than that it's mainly avoiding the purple and yellow clad masses as they spoil the view...still, it's fun to watch them coming off the hill covered in shite and looking like they've taken a couple of loads of number six on the forehead (I must be one of the few people who has any time for the midge...saviour of the highlands!)


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just put 2 large fence posts in the ground and Beowulf will be at home with his trusty hammock.
you could have a right laugh filling him with whisky then watch him trying to get in.


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You will need two bloody big poles to hang his hammock on, he aint a small lad. JAYB and a few others will testify to that. :lol: As for filling him up with whisky, that could be similar to a weeks production at the Glenmorangie :rolleyes:


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Did someone call? I won't bother with the hammock. After a night on the whiskey I usually get told I'm sleeping on the couch! :(


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I do have the marauding deer still to do with, but other than that I do not usually stray far from my back door.

Forgot to mention, this is what is outside my back door.




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i hav roe and muntys to play with and do a lot of work on the shoot aswell as help on rearing the duks and pheasants mixed in with vermin shoots , bit of rabbiting and sitting out for charlie and now a bit more dog training ,in between this i take time off to go to work :lol:
goto pay for my deisel to get to my stalking ground and any other stalking that happens upon me
ps sometimes i take the other half shopping, can,t beat a good gunshop
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