where do you get yours


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Hi boys i need to buy a plaque to put a fallow skull on for the nephew of the gentleman that gave us our roe shooting this winter, he wants it by next wednesday for his birthday as this is what he has asked for, ive got a few fallow heads hanging about but have never bought a plaque so need a little help.

many thanks eddie......

Nick Gordon

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Hi Eddie,

You can get the wooden plaques from a number of suppliers incl Jaegersport, Bushwear etc.

Unless you are near a stockist, you might be pushing it to get it for Wednesday as there is, I think, no Royal Mail delivery on Good Friday or Easter Monday.



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Have you ever thought of making your own .
with the first deer i shot the forest plantation was being felled so i took a section of wood from near where i shot the beast and when i got home made a plaque out of it .


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hi apollo
i get mine from a taxidermist but he is a friend and pay him in venison, but the brother inlaw(as such) bought a couple from bushwear and they were quite good, but if you are going to kellmarsh gamefair you could possibly get one from there


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Thanks again but i think a gentleman off this forum may be able to make me one and if he can i will be most gratefull, many thanks in advance too you Mark....