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Does anyone know a well priced place to buy scopes? I'm looking for a Leupold VX-L for my 7x57. The cheapest place i've found is the states but i know ill get nailed on duty and taxes bringing it over.


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i bought a couple from the USA off ebay the seller stated he would send as a "gift "which he did and never paid tax but there is a chance.

i found them a god scope but the S&B is far better in low light....neil


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The States is the cheapest place. If you have someone over there who can buy it and send it over that is the best option. What they must do is declare it as a gift under the value of £35, which will avoid duty ;)

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euro optics.

They are based in the US and sell good quality scopes.

very nice to deal with and if you sak nicely i'm sure they would post under "Gift" so you dont have to pay tax. but to be honest even if you do end up paying tax you are still saving a lot of money by buying from the US.


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Got a S-B from optics warehouse, happy with quality, service and price (not as cheap as USA but no customs worries), would happily recommend both scope (3-12x50 Zenith Flashdot) and store.


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I have Zeiss Conquest I bought from Ebay sent it via a mate really good scope S&B are great but not everyone can afford one 308boy if we are looking for a good deal then I would say S&B are not an option as they are expensive in the States from my own delving around however I am going to check out Germany when I go back as I have been told they are a little cheaper there.
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