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So I'm developing a load for 204. I'm using 32gn vmax viht N130. Fed match, Coal is at saami spec.

I'm not sure which way to go. So do I tinker with round length or continue altering powder charge.

The last batch of 3 were 26gn, not sure what happened to 25.5gn!

No pressure signs or stiff bolt.

It's a savage 12 VLP 26''Barrel.

I have since read that powder increments on smaller case should maybe of been smaller then 0.5gn.

It seems to be coming together around 24.5 to 25, do you agree.

I'm not an expert.



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If the rifle is new to you, pick the most accurate from your test, load up fifty of them, and go shooting. Familiarity with the rifle will ascertain the level of accuracy and them tell you whether or not to adjust the load. If you can constantly hit what you are aiming at then the load works.~Muir


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I'd suggest 0.3gr steps.
I read up on OCW and that's the approach I now take & would recommend it.
You might be able to exclude some groups if they are lousy, but if you move to tinkering of length etc based on a 3 shot group I think you run the risk of never really getting anything definitive.
When you get to a chosen load I would verify with 5 shot groups at that load, plus maybe 0.1gr above & below. If you get consistency across all three then you know where you are, and will have the confidence that you can suffer variation in temperature or load accuracy with little or no effect. Only at that point would I even contemplate varying length, if at all.

If most of your shots will be with a cold clean barrel then I'd consider using that for each shot: That's the one that counts most.

I'm also not an expert...
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