Where's the strangest place you've seen a deer?

White Hart

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So on my way into work this morning I've just seen a Muntjac doe in central Southampton by the railway station! The nearest large park in town is some way. Maybe she walked down the train tracks? I often see urban foxes but they've got a ready food source, maybe there's enough food source between the road and tracks there? I can't help but think she doesn't belong there...

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Where's the strangest place you've seen a deer?


paul o'

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Munty buck Standing a few feet away from the doors while I was sitting having a brew, and it was eating Kettle salted crisps that I put out , Friday morning


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Munty use the embankments to go everywhere. Wife works in a coffee shop in the station and sees them all the time.

I live in a small town and seen them in every street around my house, in school playing fields and stuck in the fence in the primary at the end of my road. So much food in towns in gardens why wouldn't they? They can hide in bushes all day then eat the flowers in the garden at night...


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A large, impressively antlered sambar stag standing motionless in the back garden of a nearby house in the suburbs of SW Canberra. The house where we were looked down into the rear of the houses down the way, and they had a bush block on their boundary on the one side.

The wife saw him first at daybreak out the bathroom window when she got up for a wee, on a very cold winter Sunday morning in 2015. She roused me to come have a look and I frankly didn’t believe it was real, assumed it was a fibreglass deer statue or something. Was still pretty bleary eyed from the night before. As I went down to the truck to fetch the binos, he suddenly took off, I heard the wife shriek “It’s real !!!” He vaulted the garden fence like it wasn’t even there. Afterwards we realised that the mark in the frost and wisps of steam from his nose was a bit of a giveaway that he wasn’t fibreglass and I’ve always regretted leaving the room.

Later that morning we went over and asked the folk at that address about it, Indian Sikh family, they thought we were freakin’ mad and were genuinely concerned we were miscreants up to no good. I managed to convince the bloke to go look in his garden and he was fairly surprised, to say the least, to find all his nice shrubs pruned and a whole lot of large stag mark in his garden beds.

(Reason I stupidly assumed he wasn’t real was at the agri shows and hunting expos and so on, they always have lifesize models of deer, very life like indeed)

In the Victorian High Country, at a wee place called Woods Point, we saw a HUGE sambar browsing in the back garden of a small house there. We asked about it at the pub, deer had a name, forget what. He’s a regular visitor and somewhat cherished by the locals.


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Three red hinds couched up next to the railway line about 1 min out of Taunton station.



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B&Q with some fat bloke in a red suit,, didn't like him at all kept getting little kids to sit on his lap.


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Fallow deer in what looked like an abandoned builders yard, just off the N4 in South Africa. Wrong in every conceivable way.


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a Doe with a wee follower in the back of an old bedford truck overgrown with undergrowth on the edge of boscombe down airfield,



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Had just fired last shot of three into a target board resting against a very large fallen tree, checking newly fitted scope, a buck (roe) wanders out nonchalantly from behind it. Must have been lying in and not moved as I approached to set up the target.