Which bullet tip?


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Newbie question.
I've been reloading a few months now for my .243 using 100gn sierra game king heads with varying results. I've noticed that the soft noses on these rounds are very easily deformed and weren't particularly uniformed straight out of the box.
A friend reloaded some rounds for his .223 and got very similar groupings with the game kings as apposed to our usual half inch at 100 yard groups with A-max.
Realistically, I want a round that groups consistently with minimal meat damage but I'm reluctant to try things like V-max as I've heard they're messy and break up inside the animal.
Any shared experiences you have relating to this would be appreciated.

Uncle Norm

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I used Sierra 100 grain GK for several years but then got a 'bad' batch that caused horrendous meat damage. As I had committed the cardinal sin of reloading ...not keeping them separately labelled, I had a lot of bullet pulling to do.
I moved to 85 grain Speer soft point boat tails and have never had reason to change since. My pal had been trying to get me to use them for ten years as the Speer were his favourite load for the .243. Whilst I use 30-06 if deliberately going out for Fallow or Red, I have cleanly killed some large Fallow and even larger Red with the 85 grain Speers.
Accuracy is very good and you need to get just over 3,000 fps muzzle velocity to achieve 1,700 ft lbs muzzle energy. It is not at all difficult to get 3,100 fps plus, using Varget or Viht N160.


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I'd agree with uncle norm. His friend converted me to the 85gn speers and they are fantastic.
They group brilliantly out of my rifle with varget behind them.


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Or as I do use the Sierra 80 grain blitz, fantastic on fox and deer, no excessive meat damage, and in my rifle at least, so so accurate:tiphat:


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Newbie question.
I'm reluctant to try things like V-max as I've heard they're messy and break up inside the animal.
Any shared experiences you have relating to this would be appreciated.

I thought that fragmentation was designed in for expanding ammunition. Amax are target ammo.
I use 85gr Game king and 87gr Vmax on deer.
Your gun may not have the requisite twist rate to get good results with 100gr ammo.
Meat damage is more determined by POI, hitting bone, deflection and fragmentation within the cavity than bullet type. So I head shoot when sensible on Roe and Muntjac.

There are two types of ballistic tips, varmint and game, with different characteristics.

Jager SA

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Always used 95g billets in the 243 and they have always been polymer tipped, SSTs or Ballistic Tips.
Soft point bullet will always have the potential of deformating tips easily, this can even occur in the magazine from the inertia caused by the round in the chamber.

Find a bullet that ticks your boxes and stick with it...polymer tipped! :)


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Try 80gr Sierra Varminter SPBT, the most accurate soft point I've used in 243 or a friend has in his ppc.
Knocks deer and fox really well to, not as explosive and more penetration than a 87V-max.


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I've used 100 grain soft points for years with no issue for deer stalking. I do find the 90 grain a bit more accurate over distance, 150 yards+.

I've been using 90 grain FMJ for target practice, I'm thinking of moving to these... Ballistic Tip Hunting Nosler in 90 grain. I would be interested if anyone has experience of them?


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Thanks for all the replies.
The shop i use had 85 grain sierra BTHP heads in and with 38.2 grains of n540 behind it, my Remington 700 bdl shoots clover leafs at 100 yards, which I'm very pleased with.
Thanks again