Which dies should I buy


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I am going to buy a new set of dies for a straight 284win. I have only ever had redding deluxe 3 set dies. Just want some thoughts on forster benchrest, wilsons(although I think i would need arbour press more £s) or should I be thinking bushing dies of some sorts and why? I should mention I intend to use 6.5-284 brass.



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As another option, I have an unused and boxed RCBS sizing die for the .284. If you're interested, I'll dig it out and check whether it's a neck sizer or FL one.
I'll post it to you for a tenner, which I will then donate to a cancer charity of my choice.


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bushing dies are a good way forward. i use forster and cant fault them. You ask why you should use bushing dies.. well for a start, you can reduce/alter neck tension which leads to better accuracy and also because your only squeezing the neck back in opposed to conventional dies which squeeze in and then pull out using the expander ball which can lead to problems with run-out and also work hardening the case unnecessarily.