Which Digital Caliper should I buy?


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Have no time whatsoever for digital verniers/calipers. Every one I had died after a short life, even very good brands such as Helios etc.
Prefer Tesa with the dial, had one of the early free samples in 1980 which lasted for about 20 years for private use and have three newer ones that are in service since about 7-8 years in our workshop and at home. I think they are more reliable especially in our dusty environment.

Hornet 6

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Funny thing digital callipers, personally the only ones I have killed have been my fault.
Drowned one in coolant, dropped a big billet of steel on one and the 3rd was dropped.
The survivers have seen heavy use in a mchine shop, all the usual coolant splashes along with using with coolant and oil covered hands.
Home use one's have never been a problem, still prefer a dial caliper, well actually I prefer a proper vernier scale, but I struggle to see them these days
particularly when well used and starting to fade. For re-loadeing I use a dial set for everything but use with a comparator.
I use a micrometer when possible, a calliper is ok for a rough check but can never replace a micrometer when accuracy and repeatability matters.

Neil. :)