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I am looking to invest in my own Reloading Kit.

I have had a good look around at the various options, but have some questions that I’m hoping you gentlemen and seasoned reloaders might be able to answer!

Below is what I have been looking at:

1) The RCBS Rock Chuker supreme master reloading kit £265 – McAvoy Guns

2) Lee anniversary Reloading Kit £99 – Bushwear

3) Lee Deluxe 4 Hole Turret Press Kit £112 - Midwayuk

The RCBS kit is almost 3 times the price of Lee, is it worth spending that? I could see that if you were a bench rest shooter you want the best kit but as a stalker I think the Lee kit looks good enough for me.

I like the look of the Lee anniversary kit, nice and simple. But for a few bob more the Deluxe press is an option. Which one should I get?

I’m not reloading massive quantities, but more smaller quantities to achieve better groupings and saving money in the long run. I think I will really enjoy it too.

Look forward to hearing your thought on the above



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I was told not that long ago, reloading can be a hit or miss, you may love it or hate it. Buy what's good enough "Lee", if you don't enjoy it, not much money lost on the resale value of your kit, if you enjoy it, you can load with "Lee" for many years to come, as many have.....

You can then bit by bit get more involved with "Stage presses" etc....if you wanted too.

I have only been reloading for about 1 1/2 months, I got a second hand Anniversary kit, does for me. Load .243 happly and starting this week with .308

Hope that helps.


P.S. Get a couple of books also, Modern Reloading, 2nd Edition is a good book, I also have Speer Reloading Vol 12. (I'm not selling them though)


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RCBS just seems a bit better quality. Shop around, I bought a cheaper
RCBS set, didn't have the rock chucker in it but a good press and cost only a bit more than the lee set. I think I paid 175 Euros.
Wouldn't mind a second press in the meantime.
I had one set of lee dies, the threading was broken in the box already.
Fixed it and they worked quite well then.
again rcbs dies seem a bit stronger.

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Thank you for your Swift post.

I am certain I will thoroughly enjoy Reloading, I have been considering it for some time and have been reading lots on the Internet and rather a good book I was advised to buy called the ABC’s of Reloading 8th edition which has been very interesting reading. I also have a small book I bought in America with all the different combinations of powders and bullet heads called the complete reloading manual for .243

On a rainy day like today I think I will very much enjoy it!!

You’re getting on alright then?!




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If you are just starting I will tell you what I tell everyone, get a Lee anniversary kit and dies just like 300wsm said. TJ has told you if you like it and take to it, then you can get "better quality" kit, if you feel the need. I think I told TJ this, I told someone I know. Keep away from the combination four stage loaders, they are really meant for producing high quantity handgun rounds, you will be more accurate in what you do using a single stage press.

Well, that would be my advice.


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Thank you everyone for your wise words.

Decision made, Lee anniversary it is!

I think I might buy the set from Cabelas as another fellow did and it worked out jolly good value for money. But where is the best place in the uk for all the other goodies ie powder bullet heads etc.

Reloading solutions in Oxfordshire looks good, anyone experienced with them?

Thanks again

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