Which new lap top to buy?


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My ancient ASUS has died it is probably 7 years old (Runs Vista!!) so I need to get another laptop.

Will be just used for normal daily stuff eg e mail getting on SD and handling my pictures off phone and camera, and alike. Nothing fancy. Budget of £350. Any suggestions of what to buy and what not to buy.

Have been advised that I5 processor is better than I3

Any suggestions?


norma 308

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ian he won't get a Mac pro for £350 unless its dodgy :D
for the little your doing get a kindle fire or tablet of some description. for as little as £50 !


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We have a 17" Toshiba that is about 4 years old and has done well for a home computer. Cost about £350 new.

It may be worth looking at a deal on the pcspecialist website - that's where I'm going to buy a high spec CAD laptop from at some stage.

Eric the Red

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MacBook Pro.


Makes microsoft look so antiquated.
ijt (the company I recommended above) have some run out MacBooks at a similar price point. I felt the PC was a better spec and a bit more mainstream. Can't deny Apple OS is good once you get used to it. I run both.


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I don't know about laptops but I was bullied into buying a imac buy my brother who is an IT guru and I can honestly say it is the best thing I ever did, it is 4 years old now and has never crashed, no more hours of angst trying to retrieve lost files whilst staring at the blue screen of death. Apple products are double the cost for the initial purchase but if you value your time, half the cost to operate.
As others have said, go for apple


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MS surface pro. Had one for a year or so and does everything I want of it. Don't buy the Base model though and get the i5/i7 with the keyboard. Just perfect for carrying around .