Which other meat (if any) do you mix minced venison with?


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As per title. I minced some venison (around 3 kilos) and I am interested to know whether people mix the minced venison with mince from another animal. I was thinking maybe some belly pork or lamb, to make the mixture a bit richer and juicier. I am planning to make patties for use in burgers. Any suggestions? What sort of ratios are people working with? Thanks


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My wife mixes Sika and roe mince 50/50 with mostly beef mince. I don't feel the need to do it but it is tasty and I don't get a choice in the matter :)

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The only time I mix it is for sausages in which case I use about 30% pork belly.
For spaghetti Bol and chilli etc just use it straight like any other mince.
For burgers I finely chop some onion and soften in a pan before mixing it into the meat and making the patties

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With venison burgers I've always used sausage meat,
Venison about 70%
Sausage meat about 30%
8 Jacobs crackers ( finely crushed)
2 Eggs
Black Pepper
Once mixed, shaped, it's left in the fridge for a few hours.

Other than that I've never really mixed it with anything else.


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I will be trying some of these suggestions out for sure.
But up till now I went 100% venison mince but just before the BBQ I sprinkle a dusting of arromatt meat (the red tube) on them, both sides.
I have been told a number of times that they are some of the nicest burgers people ever had.
But beware they go from moist and juicy to bricks quickly if over cooked.

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Pork mince always.
And as I had a Xmas leg ham recently I used the beautiful white fat under the rind ,500 grams of that and 250 grams of ham meat. Mixed with two kilos of sambar venison with garlic,fennel,crushed green peppercorns and chilli flakes added.Pref leave the mix for a couple of days, covered in the fridge.
Cooked on the bbq. As good as it gets.

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Nothing added for pure venison mince but approx 30% pork fat for burgers/sausages + seasoning. Partial to a chilli burger and thought i’d also give venison & chorizo a go. Didn’t put any additional fat into the latter as thought that the chorizo would be fatty enough but turned out a wee bit dry/crumbly. Would probably try around 10% fat in the next batch. Mate just made up a batch of venison + lamb sausages which I easn’t Sure about but he reckons taste great. Still trying to blag a few to confirm :p


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Chorizo for burgers - keeps them nice and moist and you can keep them a touch pink, without the need to make sure they're cooked right through (as you need to with pork etc).
Nothing for chilli, bollognaise etc


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When I did my apprenticeship with a local butcher years ago, he always said to keep the ruminants together.I always use beef as oppose to pork personally, and they certainly make very good burgers and sausages.An 80/20 mix or 70/30 gives a very rich but not overpowering burger mix imo. The sausages also have a good bite to them and not mush.The difference of course is also to use a quality mincer that minces the meat to a good texture.

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The cheapest bacon I can get in the supermarket. About 75/25% mix.
Same as me, Sainsburys do 1lb cooking bacon for £1.00 (it's the only thing I buy in there these days!) then a visit to Lidl or Aldi to pick up some chorizo, 30% pork to venison for sausages and burgers.
I'm in the process of making Salami and Jerky at the moment


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Thanks for the replies guys (well, from the adults amongst us anyway). I think I will try a few different combinations (port, chorizo, lamb) and see which one tastes best.


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50/50 venision and pork - the best I’ve made

I did try 70% venison and 30% rabbit with celerac. - they are disgusting :( - even the dogs tried to hide em up

I’ve now settled on lavender or curry with cider or porter with the 50/50 mix with a seasoned binder from my local butcher , that has proved an all round popular with all the kids and grand kids

I’m thinking on having a go with a black pudding mix. - but it’s proving difficult to the green light from SWMBO :oops: after the celerac incident

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Oh hang on, I like this black pudding idea! I have some frozen because no-one likes it except me.

Oh. Damn. But I'm out of minced venison. Blast.

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