Which Rucksack/Daypack


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Which Rucksack/Daypack are folks.using.
Needs to be large enough to carry all the basic stuff but not over large as not looking to put a carcass in it

Eric the Red

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If you're not looking to put a carcass in, the Eberlestock minime is excellent - with or without a rifle scabbard. I also have a G4 if I'm looking to lug more kit/carcass and a weapon.


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What are folks opinion on the Swedteam bumbag (just considering all my opptions
When not using the Vorn rucksack (either because I hope to be carrying a deer out or I don't want my shoulder movement restricted) I use a small, cheap bumbag with a Yool sack tucked in behind. I looked at the stalking bumbags but didn't like the fact that they increased my width which I tend to forget about & would then catch on branches.


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Sika sack from Rob @ Monarch. Well made and adjustable, folds down nicely plus removable liner.
went for this size to carry out fallow pre harvest, have managed two roe does once but never again!