Which scope?


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Hello all.
Just casting a net here to catch a few ideas.
I`m now redundant so, with my new found wealth i`m going to upgrade the scope on my 243. The scope i have now is only 3-10x42 which i`ll transfer to a new .22.
I know it`s a can of worms but can anyone recommend a reasonably priced scope suitable for deer and fox please.


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I'm relatively new to shooting and stalking but picked up a 2nd hand S&B 8X56 in excellent condition for something just over £250. I've got excellent glass for not much cash and certainly for a novice like myself having less to fiddle with is better so I see no disadvantage in it being fixed magnification. I've shot on the range with it to 300 yards though the cross hairs are a little thick for range use but you can see bullet holes at 100 yards with it. It can see in the dark and is certainly robust but, of course, it is a little heavy. It is ideal or, at worst, above average for most UK stalking and I gain the impression that this or similar scopes are used by a lot of people out for fox as well. Certainly for me it has been a good buy and after over a year on the rifle I have no cause to consider buying something else.


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I have got a 3-12 x 56 Docter Optic on my Tikka 6.5 x 55. Great scope and cost me about £500 in Jan this year. Probably gone up a bit now.

It has a first focal plane reticule and I am very happy with its light gathering abilities. I have never had the opportunity to put it side by side with either S&B or Sarovski in low light conditions, although I have compared it with a similar magged Leupold at dusk and it was streets ahead.




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If you know someone in USA (or visiting) then go to www.samplelist.com

This is the SWFA shop in Texas selling their own store demo units.

If you want Swaro/Khales, Zeiss or Nikon then they have some good bargains.

I've bought three Khales this year "as new" for the price of one here.

I'm happy with the 2.5 - 10 x 50 Khales I have on my UK rifle. I put the Swaro top of range Z6i Ballistic turret illuminated on my Mauser MO3 6.5 x 55 but don't feel comfortable with it. Too much to fiddle with.

Yes, it will cover everything the world over, but I need to shoot small deer again at 400M to justify a x15 mag. Need more practice.

Off topic, I shoot my 9.3 x 62 over open sights out to 150M with both eyes open. Feels like a revelation. Don't want to go back to a scope on it.