Which species is the best venision?

Which is the best venison?

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paul k

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Which species of deer provides the best venison. The question assumes that you are comparing prime animals of each species and not comparing rutted out red stags to prime August fallow prickets.


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Muntjac for me.
Especially if they have been eating wheat from pheasant feeders......not sure why but is seems to soften the flavour and slightly lift the colour of the meat.


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For me a well rutted red stag shot on October 20th.............. You drink more claret with it and plenty of malt afterwards before falling into bed. That is what my host gave me the other night.............Hic


The Mole

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Muntjac, no question about it. Sika comes a close second mind. And I suspect CWD won't get a fair showing as many of us haven't tasted it, but it comes a close third.

Pheasant for supper tonight though :D


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1st chioce for me would be fallow loin chops off atleast a 2-3 year old buck that is shot around september time with that thick layer of fat on it, ever such so sweet tasting
after that CWD leg steaks no seasoning served with chips :)
follwed closely by the rest ;)

paul k

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I was once on a pheasant shoot near Aylesbury where the lunchtime fare was venison stew with five types of venison, only sika was missing.


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a sika calf ,head shot dead before it hit the ground ,cleaned and bled on the spot allowed to cool for 12 hours skinned and in the cold room for no more than 5 days , a leg, slow roasted in olive oil black pepper a glass of red wine covered with two big oranges sliced then tin foil . roast parsnip carrot and slices of spuds in some of the cooking juice . mashed spuds ,deep fry long chips of parsnip tin as you can cut .try a little mint sauce with the venison .make your gravy from cooking juice. o and more red wine .my favourite meal of all .


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I'm with legal on this one, they are all fine!
However a well conditioned Fallow pricket giving up his fillets is a gift from the gods!

Roe Hunter

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For me it's a yearling Roe, shot about May time so thay have recovered from the winter, cooked nice and rare.

Either steaks served with pear & ginger chutney (had that last Saturday) , or a joint roast served with onion marmalade and a sauce made from red wine, the meat juices, and a bit of recurrent jelly.

Have to say I haven't tried munty yet - still trying to find somewhere to shoot one in my home area!


paul k

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Thank you all for your responses. The one thing that surprises me is that, considering the majority of venison exported and possibly also sold in this country is red deer, and yet this scores the lowest in the poll.

I voted for fallow pricket but it was a close run thing with a good muntie which I find quite a lot less gamey.


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I have to say the very best fillet steak I've ever tasted came from a Fallow doe on the last day of the season, but normally I'd go for the Munty, if only they'd surrender their jackets a little more readily!!!!!!