Which Ultrasonic cleaner


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Any recommendations on a cleaner?

What do you want to use it for? Just brass cases or anything else, bulkier?

I bought a 10 litre GT Sonic Chinese one from eBay around a year ago and it works...have no yardstick to know if it works any better or worse than any other.

It is reassuringly made from Stainless steel and will take a Briggs and Stratton carburettor. When using it for cartridge cases I put them in a honey jar with a teaspoonful of citric acid and splash of detergent cleaner so that is the only liquid that gets dirty...the bulk of the water stays clean.



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I picked up a £60 quid cheapie on Ebay, only a 2l tank, but fits 60 .308 at a time and cleans really well inside and out.
I've stuck sea-clean as the cleaning fluid and run for 20mins at about 45degs, standing the brass upright so each case fills to the mouth and all air removed. a bit anal, but I run through before and after resizing to help clean out primer pocket (will pick up a depriming die and cut this to one bath only)


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Try these people. http://www.allendale-ultrasonics.co.uk/stainless-steel-range-ultrasonic-cleaner.html

As I am within driving distance I went to their premises and bought directly from them. Friendly helpful staff and they have repair and test equipment on site to repair any faults that may occur.

my unit has been working fine for the last 18 months. I got the model with the heater in and it seems to help with cleaning.
gotbthe same from eBay @ £55 3 ltr and it's the must nuts 200 6br cases done in 30 minutes



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I have the Hornady ultrasonic cleaner and I find it's seriously good. I'm sure you could find a less-expensive one though. I bought mine used from a chap here and I'm very pleased with it. Very robust, fully-stainless and has an on-board timer and heater. Great bit of kit, but expensive to buy new


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I bought one of these, I stand the cases upright in 2 large beakers, cover with cleaning solution and sit them in the bath and run a 20 min cycle


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As far as I can see the Allendale seem to be a rebadged version of the GT Sonic machines...but running at about double the cost spec. for spec.

They all appear to be made in China, looking at the label. Maybe an Allendale brand owner can confirm.

Still may well be worth paying for it if customer service is good...I have not had to test GT Sonic's back up.




The one I ended up with was the 240W Ultrasonic power, 300W Heat version. Some of them with the same size tank are 200W U/S.